Five Steps on How to Sell a Townhome in Seattle

Five Steps on How to Sell a Townhome in Seattle


Team Diva’s detailed guide on How to Sell a Townhome in Seattle shares everything you need to know to list your townhouse for sale. 

How do you sell a townhome in Seattle? Team Diva’s “How to Sell a Townhome in Seattle Methodology” is a step-by-step process that we have honed over the years. Let’s be real. Team Diva has sold hundreds of homes in Seattle. With many of those being Townhomes in many of Seattle’s core neighborhoods. And over the years, we have honed our process for how to sell a townhouse at a higher price than our competition. 

Team Diva’s process of selling townhomes may look easy on paper. But the actions we take are extremely well planned and through out.

Five Steps on How to Sell a Townhouse in Seattle

  1. Find a Team That is a Good Fit For You
  2. Preparing Your Townhouse For Listing Day
  3. Documenting Your Home’s Unique Story Before We List the Home
  4. Creating & Implementing an Effective Marketing Strategy
  5. The Team Diva Method of Negotiation and Getting the Deal Closed

But First Get Educated About the Basics of Selling a Home in Seattle

How to Sell Your Home in SEattle Guide

Before we dive into how to sell a townhome in Seattle, it’s important that you first understand the BASICS of how to sell a home in Seattle in general. Our very detailed blog “How to Sell a Home in Seattle: A Comprehensive Guide” explains each and every step of the process. For this particular guide that you’re digging into now, we are specifically going into the nuances of how to sell a townhouse. And if you are more

Take some time to educate yourself: “How to Sell a Home in Seattle: A Comprehensive Guide”

Team Diva’s Guide on How to Sell a Townhome in Seattle 

The Team Diva guide for selling your townhouse in Seattle works regardless of the market. It is our tried and true methodology. Just recently we sold a Townhouse in Madison Valley. Overnight the market shifted from a hot cha cha seller’s market to a more even market as the interest rates went up. We knew we had to pull out all of the stops to make sure our clients would be able to take advantage of the changing market. And sure enough, we did it. We sold the home in multiple offers for 7% over asking. That is the Diva Difference!!!!

Before you get started we think it is important to think like a buyer when selling a townhome in Seattle. You can also read our blog post “How to Buy a Townhouse in Seattle.” This will provide insight as to what smart and savvy townhouse buyers are looking out for! Now let’s dive in and get your home ready for the market. 

Find a Team That is a Good Fit For You 

Team Diva - Team Photo 2021

Selling a townhome does require hiring a team that understands how to work in urban markets. Are they comparing your Certified Green Built townhome to the general mix of townhomes on the market? Or are they treating it like the unique property that it is? Do they have the resources to help prep the home for sale? And make sure it is marketed way differently than other homes. 

Here is a blog we wrote to help you choose your listing team: Questions to Ask a Listing Agent Before You Hire to Sell Your Home.  

Why is Team Diva Unique in Helping you to Sell Your Townhome

Team Diva is a true team, and our Diva Dwellings are team efforts. The team lead evaluates and determines the work that needs to be done before a townhouse is listed. The lead works with the sellers to learn about the townhome’s story. They also identify the overall price range for the seller to analyze. We work together to coordinate work timelines, arrange vendors to get the work done, and tackle everything else that goes into listing a home! 

Team Diva’s Listing Extended Team

In addition to Team Diva’s core team, we also have a carefully curated team of skilled, reliable, and professional vendors. These vendors know the high standards and expectations of Team Diva, and they understand the look and feel of a Team Diva listing here in Seattle. Check out a breakdown of our extended team below! 

  • Lead Listing Team Member
  • Listing Manager
  • Contractors for the Big Work
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Handy People
  • Flooring Specialists
  • Stagers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • 3D Tour Creator (aka Matterport)
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media
  • And more as the season requires it….

Preparing Your Townhouse For Listing Day

Staging a Home in Seattle

Every single one of our clients who is selling a townhouse receives a custom list of Townhouse Sale Prep Details. Our goal is always to present each Diva Dwelling in a way where buyers can visualize themselves living in it. We want buyers to fall in love with your townhouse, from the moment they see it online, to when they step in through the front door. A buyer for your townhouse needs to be lured in by how it is presented. The only way to stand out from your neighbors is if every detail is thought through in the home. 

Check out our blog How to Prep a Home for Sale in Seattle for more detail.

Examples of Listing Preparation Work for a Townhouse 

  1. New Carpet
  2. Deep Clean
  3. Windows Cleaned
  4. New Paint 
  5. Cleaning Up the Patio or Rooftop Deck
  6. Changing Out the Appliances 
  7. Making Sure the Hot Water Heater is Installed Correctly 
  8. Fixing Cabinets 
  9. Working With the Neighbors on Landscaping
  10. Reviewing the Joint Maintenance Agreement for Any Quirks
  11. Staging the Home 

… and soooo much more! 

Get Educated About the Process

We are often asked to provide a listing checklist for sellers. But a generic checklist only works if you live in the suburbs and every home looks the same. Here in Seattle, a highrise in Belltown will need to be prepped differently than a townhouse in Beacon Hill. However, we do recommend that you review our listing preparation methods. We “fix what’s broken” and then we “make it pretty”! You can learn more about each step in these helpful blog posts: 

Documenting Your Home’s Unique Story Before We List the Home

By integrating the staircase into the center of the home, everything feels more accessible and open.

The majority of listing brokers treat townhomes exactly the same. They do not dive in to find out what is unique about this home. Nor do they try to make it stand out from the rest. Learning about a townhome’s story is so important. Knowing more about our seller’s home allows us to better distinguish it from the competition. A savvy real estate broker knows that they will have to do more than just take photos and upload them to the internet. 

Ask yourself: 

  • What is unique about this townhome?
  • Why is the neighborhood so special?
  • What is amazing about the townhome’s community? 
  • Is the home Built Green?
  • What updates were made to the home?
  • Did I improve the lighting (don’t let Kim see those boob lamps)?

From there you can construct a beautiful story about the townhome. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Creating and Implementing an Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing Your Home Online to Sell in Seattle
Marketing Your Home Online

Team Diva’s marketing plan for your townhouse is so much more than just a flyer and some pretty photos. For the last few years that is the most listing brokers have done to sell a home. Why? Homes sell fast. Why put in the effort?

Our marketing strategy is a massive undertaking that is so worth it for our townhouse sellers. We go all out on visuals, online content, social media, email marketing, print materials, etc. And of course, good old-fashioned relationships can go a long way, too. Team Diva has even been recognized nationally for our marketing knowledge and how we use online marketing tools. 

Our listings are seen by a larger number of homebuyers than their competition. As a result we typically sell our homes for more money than a typical real estate broker in the area. 

To learn more about exactly what Team Diva does to market your home, check out our blog “Selling Your Home Requires an Effective Online Marketing Strategy.” 

The Team Diva Method of Negotiation and Getting the Deal Closed

Reviewing Offers for a Home

Our method of negotiation may surprise you. We know that it is of utmost importance that we make sure any barrier that could prevent your townhouse from selling is removed. And we do this BEFORE the townhome even goes on the market. It might feel counterintuitive, but knowing what townhouse buyers want is incredibly helpful when you’re on the other side of the sale. Don’t give a buyer any reason to walk away from the transaction. And you don’t want a buyer to have a reason to ask for repairs, either! 

Here are a couple of items we are always thinking about BEFORE we list a townhouse:

  1. Does the townhouse have any siding issues or repairs? Do they need to be fixed before the home is listed?
  2. What type of inexpensive improvements can we make while we prep the home for sale?
  3. Is the hot water heater old (typical call by an inspector)?
  4. Can we improve the street appeal of the home with landscaping?

Team Diva’s method of negotiation is to find your townhouse the best buyer upfront. This means making sure your home is picture-perfect from the get-go. From here, we can negotiate from a side of strength in case any issues do come up during the transaction. As result, we rarely have a home flip on a contingency and end up back on the market. We know how to get the deal done! 

Jump into the blog for more detail about how we evaluate offers. Home Seller Education: Finding the Right Buyer For Your Home. 

Pro-tip: Do the hard work upfront, get the best buyer, and work through any issues that come up during the transaction. This is the secret to Team Diva’s success! 

Now You Know How To Sell a Townhome in Seattle

Cal Anderson Townhouse in Capitol Hill Living Room - 4
Cal Anderson Townhouse in Capitol Hill Living Room – 4

You made it. And you are ready to sell your townhome. The first step is to give us a call or send us a text. We are happy to do a walkthrough and give you some pointers on what you can do to make sure you sell your townhouse for top dollar. 

Steps on How to Sell a Townhome in Seattle

Alright, let’s take a moment to review! Here are the steps to successfully selling your townhouse in Seattle:

  • Find a Team That is a Good Fit For You: Our team lead determines the work that needs to be done before listing. We work together to take all of the details from the team lead and coordinate timelines, vendors, and everything else! 
  • Preparing Your Townhouse For Listing Day: Fresh paint, new flooring, lighting updates, staging… There are many things you can do to make your townhouse shine like new. Few are willing to put in the work, but you want to make sure buyers can imagine themselves moving right in. 
  • Marketing Requires Finding Out Your Home’s Unique Story: What is unique about your townhouse? What do you love about your immediate community and your neighborhood? From here, we create a beautiful story about your townhome. 
  • Creating and Implementing an Effective Marketing Strategy: Team Diva goes all out with marketing to make sure that buyers fall in love with your townhome. Stunning visuals, original content, social media, email marketing, print materials, and good old-fashioned relationships all come into play. 
  • The Team Diva Method of Negotiation and Getting the Deal Closed: We identify anything that might prevent a buyer from purchasing your townhouse, and we fix it. Do the work ahead of time, get the best buyer, and work through any issues that may come up during the transaction. This is how Team Diva gets it done! 

Is it time to sell your townhome?

How to Sell Your Home in SEattle Guide

Over the past 20 years, Team Diva has perfected the art of selling townhomes in Seattle’s core neighborhoods. Team Diva has also helped many clients buy townhomes.  Townhome buyers are searching for very specific elements. They want a wow fact. And know exactly how a home should look to appeal to top buyers. Take a moment to read our in-depth guide “How to Buy a Townhouse in Seattle” so you can learn what buyers are looking for, too! 

We know that each townhome has a story, and each Diva Dwelling is unique. Our tried and true methodology always stays the same, but we customize how we apply the process based on each townhouse. Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite Seattle townhomes we’ve sold over the last several years.

We are here to help. Our team understands that this process can take a year or two. And we are more than willing to give you a personalized plan to get the ball rolling. Feel free to contact us directly at thediva@teamedivarealestate.com or call/text 206-271-0264.

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