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Why Work With Team Diva to Sell Your Home

Team Diva consistently outperforms the market for our home sellers. Over the last five years we have averaged about 107% list to sale price. At the same time, the rest of the city hovers around 102%. Meaning our homes sell for about 5% more than the City’s average. The medium price for a home in Seattle is around $1M. For many of our sellers this is an extra $45,000 cash on their sale.



average Seattle sale price

$1 M

median price in Seattle


extra cash on sale

Our team gets these results using what we call the Diva Difference method:

  • Fix What’s Broken
  • Make The Home Pretty
  • Market the Heck Out of the Home

We work as a team to make the Diva Difference come to life. Your home will be perfectly prepped, staged, and ready for the marketing team. We know that as soon as the home goes on the market, it has to look better than the competition. 

Last but not least is the cherry on top of our Diva Difference which is our marketing team. They are one of the best in the business and have won awards for their digital online marketing innovations. Many brokers just will not put in the effort to use every possible method to market a home for sale in Seattle. Whereas our team gets excited to push the envelope and do what is needed to make sure we get a juicy share of buyers coming to view your home.

Are you ready for the Diva Difference?



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