• Expect More From Your Listing Team

    Selling a home in any Seattle real estate market is exciting, challenging, and super fun for the Diva team. Start to finish we are hands on with each one of our sellers making sure that their homes shine above the competition. Let’s just say we learned a few tricks during the downturn that have allowed us to get a higher than average sale price for our Diva Dwellings. Hence we want you to expect more from your listing team.

    What does the Diva Team to Make Our Diva Dwellings Look Fab and Sell for Top Dollar?

    • Intense House Preparation: We pull in the whole team of stagers, cleaners, contractors, painters, etc to make sure that not only does your house look awesome but there are NO unexpected inspection issues.
    • Professional Photography: Building blocks for our ENTIRE marketing strategy.
    • Professionally Shot Video for Every Home: Nothing makes buyers more excited than a video of a home. It also helps with the search engine optimization all of those smart kids talk about.
    • Massive Online Presence: The more eyes on your home on the interwebs means more bodies through the house as buyers. Meaning our Diva Dwelling are syndicated throughout ALL the listing portals with 20+ photos, extra information about the home, and more.
    • Email Marketing: Targeted email marketing
    • Social Media Domination: The Divas have been nationally recognized for their innovated usage of social media for their Diva Dwellers and Dwellings. We deploy every last little nugget in our cultivated web of social goodness to make sure everyone knows about our Diva Dwellings.
    • Transaction Management: The remnants of the recession means that lending requirements are more restrictive and buyers are more nervous about every last detail. The Divas take extra time to engage buying brokers and everyone involved in the process to make sure the Diva Dwellings go from “Under Contract” to “Sold”.

    Whew sounds like a lot but we make it fun throughout the entire process. 



  • Swanking Up for the Sale

    Dining01Preparing your home for the open market is a critical step.
    A buyer’s first impressions could make or break whether they even get through the front door; most buyers develop an opinion about your property within the first 15 seconds. That’s why creating a favorable first impression is the key to a successful sale. Here are some suggestions on how to make your home look its swankest when it’s time to sell!




  • Staged Diva Dwellings that Sell Like Hotcakes

    If you are moving out of your home before the Divas put your sweet abode on the market it’s time to discuss staging! In this new market environment staging is a must if you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Staging provides the perfect foil for the photographer to show your home to potential buyers in the best possible light, gives folks a chance to easily visualize how they might live in the space and keeping those internet peeps more likely to put your home to the top of the list when it is time to tour.

    Watch and see how staging transforms an empty co-op flat to a warm and inviting home for a future buyer!

    This home was swanked, staged, and professionally photographed – as are all the Diva’s vacant listings. It was on the market for 5 days, received 13 offers, and sold for $30K over asking with a cash deal that closed in 2 weeks. Talk about the power of staging! When the time comes to get your home ready for the market, give us a buzz and we will connect you with the best stagers in the biz to make sure your homes shines above the rests and sells at the best possible price!


  • Want to Make Your Diva Dwelling Look Like This?


    Guess what? You have to do the work and get your Diva Dwelling in tip top shape. After years of experience the Divas have seen the homes that sell for top of market value versus the ones that sell or just sit on the market. The homes we have seen that do really well are the ones were the sellers are obsessive about the look and feel. They call us a million time to see if we like the paint colors, are the windows clean enough, does the yard look fantastic, and a few (mostly our gay clients) will get down and wax the floors. Seems like a lot of work but guess what? These Diva Dwellers sell their homes at top dollar. They are basically inviting buyers into their homes to love it as much as they love their Diva Dwellings.

    Divas deploy the enclosed checklist for our Diva Dwellings — Download it below!

  • The Process

    Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 4.42.54 PM

    Majority of folks out there think that selling a house is as simple as putting a sign in the front yard and taking a few photos. Our sellers who have had the best success are those who do their prep work and make the house look stunning. From there the Divas take over and make sure whoever is buying the house is legit, has good financing, and we manage the complicated process of negotiating all of the ins and outs of the inspections, dealing with the buyer’s appraiser, doing the final clean and making it as easy as possible for you. And proof is in the pudding. Divas sell their homes at or above asking price consistently!


  • Targeted Marketing Plan
    Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 5.15.55 PM

    Everyone knows that the best way to get top dollar for a home is by making sure as many eyes are on our Diva Dwellings as possible. This means old school listing services and new school online presence. We develop a targeted Market Analysis that identifies the home’s core buyers. And then we focus all of our marketing on getting those folks into our Diva Dwellings. Each of our homes receives the following DIVA star treatment.

    • Listed With Full Syndication: MLS, Coldwell Banker Bain, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
    • Professionally Photographed: Our photographer is an award winning architectural photographer. He is not one of those folks whose hobby is photography and he also shoots houses on the side. No way. Our entire marketing plan is based on the photographs.
    • Diva Website: Yummy Diva Dwelling page dedicated to your home with notes about your home, the neighborhood, and over 20+ photos.
    • Individual Video: Not one of those lame slide show videos but a stunning video with Diva Kim giving a fun intro to the magic of your house.
    • Individualized Blog Post: Google and other search engines love original content. So we take it one step farther and chat about your house on an even grander stage with its own blog post. Guess what happens the web crawlers pick it up and distribute the house even farther!
    • Sassy Social Media: The Divas have been nationally recognized for their social media. We develop a sassy plan to make sure the interwebs know about your home.
    • Stylish Print Marketing: No one does a better flyer, postcard, and notes for our Diva Dwellings. They just look good!

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