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Why Work With Team Diva to Buy Your Home

Our homebuyers aka Diva Dwellers make smart, savvy, and timely purchases. At the very beginning of the home buying process, we sit down with our clients and do what we call a Buyer Intake. During this intake, we dig deep about exactly what you are looking for in a home.

The Diva Difference for Seattle’s Home Buyers


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We set priorities, and then we come up with a strategy to make that dream a reality. In addition, we dive into the entire home buying process. The majority of our home buyers walk away knowing more about the process than most real estate professionals.
A smart buy leads to an extraordinary investment!

Diva Dwellers make smart buyers. They look for the diamond in the rough. You know the one. The home is in a great location but needs a little TLC. And when they go to sell it using the Diva Difference, they make extraordinary sales.

Are you ready to become a Diva Dweller?



Find you dreams home with Team Diva, approach our experience and download one of our amazing guides. For free!


Alison & Joe

Being successful Seattle homebuyers often feels like an unrealized dream right now.

Jared & Reese

It was a family affair when the two of them came to Team Diva.

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Rebecca & Iroro

After a few years of renting in Phinney Ridge I got the call that it was time to find their forever home. I was so excited!

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Stefanie & Joel

I couldn’t ask for a bigger honor than helping my friends find an awesome home in which to start their life together.

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Caitlin & Andrew

Caitlin and Andrew knew they wouldn’t be buying right away.

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Shannon & Leo

They took time off to better prepare – and it paid off!

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Tamar & Jacqui

“Finding this house was quite a story,” says Jacqui.

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Zach & Andy

“We sort of got forced into starting the home journey"

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the home buying process

Step 1

Find A Broker Who is Going to Be There For You

Step 2

Choose Your Priorities

Step 3

Do a Home Buyer Intake

Step 4

Get Your Financing in Order

Step 5

Search for a Home Smartly

Step 6

Making a Strategic Offer

Step 7

Mutual Acceptance 

Step 8

Pest and Structural Inspection of the Home

Step 9

Review The Title Report

Step 10

Review the HOA/Resale Certificate (for Condos)

Step 11

Appraisal Process

Step 12

Final Loan Approval

Step 13

Final Walkthrough

Step 14

Signing Your Documents

Step 15

Closing Day


How to Get Pre-Approved for a Loan