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Team Diva has been a force in real estate for over 20 years. Over 20 years ago Kim passed her real estate licensing exam and started the process of branding herself as Seattle’s Real Esate Diva. From there the single Diva became a force of Divas and Diva Dudes who are consistently top-producing real estate professionals in Seattle.

The Diva Concept Started with Kim

The Original Real Estate Diva – Kim V. Colaprete

Team Diva was founded by our very own Kim V. Colaprete way back in 1998. Back then, she was known as Seattle’s Real Estate Diva. Kim had left the nonprofit world where she was doing political organizing, and wanted to support her community with something much more personal: finding a first home.

Over the years, Kim’s sense of centering community while pushing creative limits has resulted in Team Diva becoming one of the most well-known names for listing brokers of unique and stunning Seattle homes. All the while, Kim has remained dedicated to social justice, such as standing up for marriage equality, supporting homeless youth, advocating for homeless housing, and helping to support Black/Brown women who are running for office. In other words, our original Diva is here for the hard fight for our broader community and loves working with people who share her passion for homes and politics. 

History of the Team Concept for Seattle’s Favorite Diverse Real Estate Team

Chavi Hohm and Kim Colaprete of Seattle's Team Diva Real Estate at Coldwell Banker Bain in Capitol Hill.

Chavi and Kim of Team Diva Real Estate

The Team concept came about in 2010. Chavi came from a project management background, and couldn’t believe that in real estate a lone agent was expected to do marketing, assist clients, understand technology, and work through complicated details of a changing market. The model felt super foreign, and not all that effective or efficient.

Kim’s partner (and eventual wife) Chavi joined her in the business in 2008, right before the major crash in the real estate funding market. The one diva became two, and Team Diva was born. These two initially were severely impacted by the rapid decline in the market, but instead of folding, they expanded their vision of what real estate means. Real estate is, at the end of the day, all about the community you are in. 

In some ways, the birth of Team Diva really happened during the holiday season of 2008, though the team only became official on paper in 2010. Take yourself back to those days when the market was crashing, people couldn’t get loans, and the foreclosure crisis was just starting. It was also brutal for retailers, nonprofits, and real estate. The Divas decided to host an event to fundraise for an arts organization on Capitol Hill at one of our favorite small businesses Retail Therapy. There were refreshments, underwear models, and music. The goal was to get people out to shop for the holidays and give a little extra cash for Velocity Dance Theatre.As luck would have it, three people in attendance that evening are now full members of Team Diva.

Two of the models included Rocky and Remington, and Roy was in the audience to support.

Looking back to that event in Retail Therapy, you can see the drive, innovation, and connections forming, as if it was all destined to be. (We certainly feel like it was.)

Why a Team Concept?

Chavi and Kim wanted to create something different. They quickly incorporated a designer on staff, started a blog, and had a large social media presence, all long before other people felt comfortable doing a selfie. The Divas created Yelp profiles and started gathering reviews at a time when it was revolutionary. For us we were just doing whatever we needed to do to sell a condo on Capitol Hill with three months of built-up inventory, or showcase a grand, unique Capitol Hill mansion that needed extra love. Times were tough, and the Divas took the opportunity to use that pressure to create Seattle Real Estate Team magic. 

The early team included Kaz and Chris, joining the team in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Their love of and dedication to clients was so important to creating the foundation of our current team. Fundamentally, it’s about service to clients and community and a singular focus on delivering creative and unique marketing for our listings. Back in the day, our motto was “no beige boxes.” That love of stunning views, videos, photography, and our clients’ lives helped crystallize how we approach each home in our repertoire. 

Our Community Commitment

Voting is a Radical Act. Fair Fight is here to protect voters rights.

Voting is a Radical Act. Fair Fight is here to protect voters rights.

Team Diva’s commitment to the community has been the center of how we approach our Seattle real estate clients and how our team was created. Over a decade later, that commitment is firmer than ever. We are committed to supporting the democratic process by doing Get Out the Vote Events, working with local Senators on more funding for schools and social services, standing with Black Lives Matters protestors and community organizers, supporting public school students during the COVID shutdowns, and being leaders on Fair Housing issues. 

We are what we are because of the community we come from. And that is all of you!

Team Diva’s Current Seattle Real Estate Team

Top Seattle Real Estate Team in 2019 - Team Diva

Top Seattle Real Estate Team in 2019 – Team Diva

Currently, Team Diva consists of Rocky, Roy, Michael, and Remington. We also have Alex, our bookkeeper (who was probably technically our first team member). She has been deep in the Diva’s books for years, and when the time came for Kim and Chavi to marry, she was the gal they trusted to officiate. Also on the team is Trenton, who assists us with design and content. Alyssa and Justin help to round out our support team for special projects. Our listing team includes stagers, painters, handy people, and landscapers. All of them understand and are dedicated to Team Diva’s vision of a better Seattle real estate experience that is centered on what is good for the community. 

Kim (she/her) – Seattle’s Unique Luxury Listing Home Diva

Kim Seattle Unique Luxury Home

Kim Seattle’s Unique Luxury Home Top Listing Broker

Kim is the original Diva of Team Diva. She has been in business since 1998. Back in the olden days she drove a blue Honda civic with a bunch of political stickers. Many people underestimated Kim’s capacity to be top of her class because of her directness and political adjacency. We could go on and on about all of the awards Kim has won for her marketing prowess and production, but at the end of the day, Kim is passionate about every detail when it is time to highlight a stunning view or historical home.

Kim and Michael work intimately with the sellers to highlight all of the amazing work that they have done to a home over the years. Kim’s clients are very socially aware, selfmade, and independent (takes one to know one). Nothing is more satisfying for Kim than to enjoy a lovely glass of wine with one of her many fabulous Diva Dwellers. Kim has also had an amazing influence on the team. Each team member has been by her side and learned how to approach clients with a sense of advocacy, keeping their interests and feelings centered in the often emotional process of buying or selling a home. All of them have also learned how to do the hard Diva hustle under her guidance.

Kim lives with her spouse Chavi, their teen, and many pets in a Mid-Century Modern home in Seward Park. Ask Kim why she loves to travel to Paris so much. 

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Chavi (she/her) – Founder and Diva Mastermind

Chavi M. Hohm at Work

Chavi M. Hohm at Work

Chavi’s entrance into real estate was on a whim without much of a plan. Chavi quit her job unexpectedly in the March of 2008, right before the Great Recession. Not one to get swallowed by life’s circumstances, Chavi quickly pivoted and learned how to be a buyers’ broker, navigating short sales and foreclosures. Meanwhile, Chavi and Kim had some stunning unique homes that were not selling. Chavi did a ton of research and experimentation to get these homes on social media, host parties, and learn all about email marketing. The result was that the Divas had homes selling when others didn’t. A lot of folks in the industry just didn’t understand the nuances of how online marketing could benefit the home seller and educate a home buyer. (A lot of them still don’t, to our chagrin.) Over the years Chavi has been pivotal in growing the online presence of Team Diva WHILE still working full time with buyers and sellers.    

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Rocky (he/him) – Powerhouse High-End Seattle Buyer Broker 

Rocky Flowers

Rocky Flowers

Rocky approached the Divas about going into real estate in the summer of 2013. At the center of Rocky’s motivation to be in real estate was to help people. Rocky passed his licensing test in the Fall of 2013 and quickly adapted to the hectic lifestyle of real estate. Rocky’s hustle was real. Like many young people, he didn’t have a traditional sphere of clients to get started. Rocky worked with Team Diva clients, did an open house every weekend, and quickly adapted.

Rocky has grown into one of the powerhouse real estate brokers on Capitol Hill and Madison Valley. Spending time with Rocky is a gift. Clients rave about Rocky’s kindness, dedication, and the how present he is in their lives. Rocky’s clients love homes in Seattle’s urban villages that are architecturally interesting. One of the most beautiful things about Rocky’s amazing clients is their dedication to social justice issues. These issues are not new to them and are a real part of what informs them and how they approach their community commitment to Seattle.

Rocky lives in a perfectly decorated condo on Capitol Hill. Ask Rocky about his long line of activist family members here in Seattle. 

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Roy (he/him) – The Best Friend You Hire

Roy Powell, Jr Realtor

Roy Powell, Jr Realtor

Roy joined the team officially in 2014. Technically he was in a support role through most of 2013. Roy had his artist studio in the Diva’s basement for years. One day the Divas asked him to get his real estate license and help them with the rad clients who needed help finding a rental. Roy started the Rent Guru business and supported Kim on many of her listings. Over the years Roy moved on from just doing rentals and backup tasks and is the agent we all ask to help us with our own home purchases (you are not allowed to do your own home sale on the Team). Roy is literally the best friend you hire. Roy’s clients are super nice, love animals, are always into the cool things before they are cool, and listen to rad podcasts. Every time we are able to socialize with Roy and his crew we always walk away knowing something new and creative. Roy and his spouse Katy live in White Center with their doggie Peppercorn. Ask Roy which specialty coffee is homebrewing these days. 

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Remington (he/him) – Diva Hustle to the Max 

Remington Stokes

Remington Stokes

Remington joined the team at the beginning of 2018. Chavi saw that he just passed his real estate licensing test and was looking to interview for a brokerage. Remember back in the day when Remington was one of the models at the genesis of Team Diva. Remington initially started at the branch and made the transition to Team Diva in January of 2018. Let’s just say he went from the pot to the fire in his real estate training. Meaning Team Diva is an extremely intense and focused environment that will change in a moment. Through all of it Remington has fought for his place to be a top producer on the team because he loves real estate and his clients. Speaking of clients. Remington loves nothing more than helping people find their homes. He is super kind and patient with the many questions that come up during the process. Nothing is more satisfying for Remington to help people find their very first homes or make the transition to Seattle from the San Francisco Bay Area. Remington is also super knowledgeable about how to invest in Seattle. Remington lives in Columbia City with friends and is on his way to buying his first home. Ask Remington to sing a little karaoke and be blown away by his voice. 

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Michael (he/him) – The Center of This Hurricane Called Team Diva

Michael Jouver Listing Manager at Team Diva

Michael Jouver Listing Manager at Team Diva

Michael joined the team the summer of 2015. The Divas were flying back from a real estate Genuine Hustle having a deep heart to heart about the direction of our careers and what we needed to grow. We needed someone who was full-time who didn’t want to do transactions but was dedicated to our team and clients. Michael was the person who immediately came to mind. Michael’s alter ego DonnaTella Howe was already Team Diva’s resident Drag Queen. Michael knew our clients intimately and loved them all. He also thrives to be the best in his role. We had an impromptu brunch and laid out a vision to Michael. It was a huge risk. We were asking him to leave the security of healthcare for the volatile world of real estate. Over the years Michael went from being an assistant and organizer to the Listing Manager for many of our listings. Michael grew and nurtured our many vendors to create one of Seattle’s top home listing experiences. Michael is the president of his Capitol Hill Co-Ops Board and lives with his cats and fabulous rare fish. Ask Michael about how he cultivates the best soundtrack for the moment. 

Special Shout Out to Team Diva’s Alumni

The Divas also want to recognize the Team Diva members who have been part of this journey with our team. We would not be here without Leigh, Kaz, Sarah, and Chris. The majority of this crew are Seattle University alums and they did their finishing school program at Team Diva. Thank you for inspiring our team to do our best. 

The Future of Team Diva’s Team Concept

Seattle Real Estate Divas Chavi and Kim

Seattle Real Estate Divas Chavi and Kim

Team Diva is Seattle’s most diverse real estate team in our region and probably the industry. Our goal is to take many of our learnings and help mentor newer BIPOC brokers to become the powerhouses they were meant to be in our industry. Right now we are doing a very small test group to see how they best can be supported in this new COVID style of doing businesses. From there we will be partners with larger real estate organizations to help them create similar mentorship programs and become the leaders we need in today’s real estate industry. 

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Team Diva – Seattle’s Favorite Real Estate Team

Team Diva Being Silly

Team Diva Being Silly

Team Diva is a unique Seattle Real Estate Team by anyone’s standards. And we do enjoy having fun with each other and with our clients. We are and always will be friends/family first. Our care for each other is extended to how we interact with our clients aka Diva Dwellers. They are the ones that motivate and inspire us to become the award-winning and top producing team that we are today. 


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