Meet the Team

Kim V. Colaprete - The Original Diva + Managing Broker

I loved working with Kim and now consider her a friend. The amount of effort Kim and her team put into selling our place on Capitol Hill was truly amazing! - Shanna

Phone: 206-850-3102
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Chavi M. Hohm - Mrs. Diva + Diva Team Member

I'm laying on my couch in my roommate-free condo with no pants on thanks to you! - Chelsea

Phone: 206-250-6540
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Rocky Flowers - Diva Dude + Real Estate Broker

We are in a tough market and had a tall order with our low price point but Rocky made it happen - Jennifer

Phone: 206-795-6292
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Roy Powell - Diva Dude + Real Estate Broker

On top of being super effective at his job, Roy is an all around great guy. - Rebecca + Ioro

Phone: 206-786-3884
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Remington Stokes - Diva Team Member + Real Estate Broker

It was so satisfying knowing that our Diva Dweller would finally be able to make Seattle their forever home.

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Michael Jouver - Diva Desk Dude + Listing Manager

"Michael is an invaluable member of Team Diva, keeping the wheels on the tracks and doling out the Diva Dweller love." - The Divas

Phone: 253-209-8446
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