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Thank you for contacting Seattle’s Favorite Real Estate Team “Team Diva Real Estate”. As you may know, Team Diva Real Estate is one of America’s most successful real estate teams, and one of the most diverse real estate teams in Seattle. We are Women and LGBTQ owned and operated in Seattle. Our team is made up of a very diverse and super successful group of real estate professionals. We center the client and our community in every part of our real estate experience. 

Who is Team Diva Real Estate at Coldwell Banker Bain

REAL Trends Top Seattle Real Estate Agents - Team Diva aka Seattle Real Estate Divas

REAL Trends Top Seattle Real Estate Agents – Team Diva aka Seattle Real Estate Divas

Over ten years ago Team Diva was founded by married Divas Kim and Chavi with the idea of being deeply rooted in our community while delivering next-level client care and superior home selling marketing. Team Diva is known for our online marketing prowess, and our team members have been vocal leaders when it comes to the big issues of our time. And let’s be honest, as much as real estate professionals may hide from taking a public stand and say “being political is bad for business,” our industry is at the nexus of so many social and economic issues. Even when the business of real estate isn’t immediately adjacent to matters of social justice and equity, the heart of real estate IS about community. If we take that higher purpose seriously, then we have to take a stand. 

Want to get involved in the issues that are important to our community? Contact your favorite real estate group Team Diva Real Estate by sending us a text or sign up for our email newsletter.

Team Diva’s Founders Story

Seattle Real Estate Divas Fought For Marriage Equality

Divas Chavi and Kim Approve Referendum 74

Before Diva Kim got into the real estate business and founded Team Diva, she was working for political campaigns and in advocacy for HIV research and LGBTQ rights. This sort of activism comes naturally to all of us on the team, as well as a love for the arts and cultural movers and shakers that keep our city so vibrant. Some of the issues with which we remain actively engaged to include standing up for and supporting Black Lives Matter, the fight for more racial equity (including support for Black/Brown homeowners), ending homelessness, demanding a progressive tax structure in our state and city, and going against our own real estate association to fully support public education funding.

And you had better believe that this passionate engagement doesn’t draw us away from working hard for our clients. We bring that same energy to everything we do. Want to chat with the Divas? Feel free to contact Seattle’s Favorite Real Estate group “Team Diva Real Estate” above and we will get you in touch with the Divas.

Team Diva’s Seattle Real Estate And Community Vision

Seattle Real Estate Divas Chavi and Kim

Seattle Real Estate Divas Chavi and Kim

Right before COVID put our world in lockdown, the founders of Team Diva, Kim V. Colaprete and Chavi M. Hohm, came out with their Ten-Year Vision for the new decade. Here is an excerpt form their blog that they released in January 2020. It might take a while to make these visions a reality, but we are already seeing the way forward, and it all makes so much sense to us for a Post-COVID world.

Bold Vision One: Diva Dwellers Are The Reason For The Season

More Intimate Localized Events With Our Diva Dwellers

Our Divaland has grown. Earlier in 2020, we were planning a series of events, but COVID had different plans for our community. Obviously, we miss being able to have more intimate conversations with our Diva Dwellers, seeing their houses, watching their kids grow up, and we LOVE making political waves with all of you. Once COVID is over, look for an epic Divas Take America event. We’ll all have some catching up to do.

Bold Vision Two: More Homeowners Of Color In America

Develop and Support Implicit Bias Training For Our Real Estate Industry

Back in November of 2019, Newsday did a massive study of Realtors doing awful racist things to home buyers and sellers of color in Long Island. The issue is not isolated to New York state. It is an epidemic that infiltrates every part of the work we do. The second Civil Rights Act was signed fifty years ago, but these violations of trust (and potentially of the law) show that racial bias continues to be a factor. This translates to segregated neighborhoods, less generational wealth in communities of color, and flat out fewer homeowners of color.

The industry keeps acting like someone else will take a leadership role on this issue, but nothing has happened, except for a few pockets here and there. It is up to us and those in our larger community create a better education system to make sure the Black/Brown homeowners have a path to homeownership.

Bold Vision Three: Smart Homebuyers Are Better Community Members

Implement an Online Master Homebuyer Class That Helps Seattle Homebuyers Make Smart Choices

During 2019 we completed hours of video work, wrote over 30 blogs, and combined it all into one amazing Home Buyer page. Basically, everything you need to know about the home buying process is written out in detail, and we made a video for each step as well. It took a ton of work, and now we are ready to launch the program.

Naturally, we always prefer it when our Diva Dwellers want to sit down and have a bigger conversation with us before diving in, but we know you are busy. Our goal is to use this online masterclass to create savvier homebuyers. The material benefits to the buyers are one thing, but that’s not all. When people buy a home confidently in a community they understand, they tend to have more energy, resources, and involvement in their community going forward. Everybody wins.

Bold Vision Four: Change What The Industry Expects in Home Listing Marketing

Hone a Top-Tier Marketing Program for Seattle’s Smart Home Sellers

The Divas consistently do more marketing than the average real estate broker in our Seattle market. Just very few people know how we do what we do. We know a change in the market is coming, and a lot of folks will be unprepared for it. We’ve seen it happen before, and as new technologies and events create a new normal over and over, you have to stay one step ahead.

Our goal is to have a plan in place for unique homes, homes that have magic but are not the obvious best-of-show homes on the local block. No matter how many disruptions may hit the real estate business, people will always need housing, and our passion is finding just the right fit between people and the houses they are to call home.

Bold Vision Five: Ensure That Home Sellers Have The Tools They Need To Maximize The Value In Their Home

Create A Very Detailed Online Masterclass To Help Seattle Home Sellers Prepare Their Home For The Market

A lot of home sellers are cashing in on their home equity and doing some bold home renovations. Spending $200,000 renovating a condo is good if you plan on living in the space for a long time, but tougher to make the money back if you plan on selling the home soon. Spending $900,000 on adding a second floor to your home makes no sense when the home you want is down the street and on the market for $1,100,000.

All of these are true Diva Dweller stories we have encountered. Our long term goal is to create a program to support a Masterclass on prepping your home for sale that is economical and effective.

Bold Vision Six: People New To Seattle Can Be Part Of Our Larger Community 

Create a Comprehensive Relocation Program for Folks Moving to Seattle

There is a big disconnect between newcomers to Seattle and those who are feeling the pressures of gentrification. How do these newcomers know which neighborhood is right for them? And once they are in an awesome Seattle neighborhood… how to not be that person calling the police when there are a bunch of kids hanging out on the corner doing their thing.

We want to make it easier for newcomers to be part of the community, know where to live, and the things that are awesome about their new neighborhood. And from there the Diva Dweller community can continue to blossom.

Bold Vision Seven: Foster Homeowners Who Know How To Care For Their Homes

Create and Implement a Home Renovation and Maintenance Class Series for Seattle Homeowners

Most of us live really far from our parents and grandparents. Few of us are naturally drawn to home maintenance activities. Our long-term goal is to partner with a Design/Build company to do a series of workshops on home renovations and maintenance for one’s home so we can all enjoy our spaces longer.

Bold Vision Eight: The Next Generation Of Real Estate Brokers Are Ethical And Savvy Practitioners Of Their Craft

Create And Start a Weekly Live New Agent Training Program

The training many new agents receive is based on the real estate practices from the 90s and early 2000s. Times and technology have changed. In addition, very few agents receive any decent training about working with homebuyers and sellers from different cultures, ethnicities, etc…

New agents need to have the knowledge and skills to make sure they launch themselves into this career with skills. Furthermore, they need to be taught to be aware of their own biases and how they impact people.

Bold Vision Nine: Level Up Training for Existing Agents Changes How the Industry Approaches Their Work 

Develop a Level Up Training Program for Agents Who Have Been In The Industry For 5+ Years

The majority of brokerages are focused on new agent training and are completely missing the boat on existing agents. As a result, when a new company comes to town offering X, Y, or Z mid-range agents take the opportunity. And why not. This job has a high burnout factor, it is hard, and often we can lose our “why” in the process. Once you become one of the 10% who survives their first two years what do you do next to build a healthy career?

Our team needs this training. Agents we know need this training. And no one is developing this training.

Bold Vision Ten: Progressive Realtors Make Change In Our Industry

Develop Paths for Progressive Realtors to Have a Voice in Our Industry

We are done waiting for the National Association of REALTORS to offer us a voice at the table. And at that moment we realized that we have been trained to be compliant with a trade organization that does not represent our values. In the last couple of years, we have also learned that what seems obvious to two former political organizers is painful work for those who have played nice in a corporate environment.

The way forward is by doing the bold political work, empowering our like-minded Realtors, and giving them skill sets to be leaders in their own communities. Women make up over 56% of the real estate practitioners yet they have very little say in how our industry is actually managed. Time to snatch back our power.

Team Diva’s Land Acknowledgement Real Rent Duwamish

We at Team Diva want to acknowledge that the land we, our clients, and our community live on is the unceded ancestral territory of the Duwamish People. We recognize that we are visitors who are profiting from the use of this beautiful land and in return Team Diva agrees to pay monthly rent to the Duwamish people as reparations. Feel free to contact Team Diva Real Estate about our monthly “rent” we pay to the Duwamish people and how you can also be part of this movement. 

Contact Seattle’s Favorite Real Estate Group “Team Diva Real Estate”

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