First-Time Home Seller Guide: The Final Walkthrough Of Your Home

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OMG it's THE final step before signing and closing. Both the seller and buyer (and the agents) are excited and nervous. Let's get ready for The Final Walkthrough of your home.

Three to five days before signing and closing, buyers will return for a final walkthrough of your home. The purpose of this is to ensure that sellers have upheld are the terms they agreed to.

It’s rare for buyers to do a home inspection and say “We’ll take it!” without any conditions. Usually, there are small (or large) fixes to be made, negotiated with the seller. If you are the seller in this scenario, make sure you have an experienced agent. Not only can they protect your investment, but they can also lay a strategy out to efficiently meet any repair demands.

And that brings us to the final walkthrough of a home: A buyer now sees the truly final product that they will be signing for. It takes about an hour, but it depends on their list.

They have their list. Here is yours as a seller preparing for the final walkthrough of your home.

Seller Prep For The Final Walkthrough Of Your Home

Check That Inspection Items Are Completed

Your home buyer’s list will largely be based on things determined during the home inspection. If you negotiated to have repairs done before closing, those items will be top of their list. Ideally, you’ll have the work done by professionals who can provide receipts and warranties as proof. Make all of these documents available during the final walkthrough.

As listing agents, we are generally the ones to hand over these receipts to the buyers’ agent.

Make Sure That Everything As In Good Working Order And Clean

If your appliances passed home inspection, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Well…

It’s always best to triple check everything before buyers do a final walkthrough of your home. You are still responsible for everything in the house until it closes. If fate has decided to put something on the fritz in the home stretch, it’s best that you find it first. Check appliances, heating, and plumbing for any glitches, clogs, etc.

Team Diva helps organize the final clean for our home sellers. No matter how tidy you may be, we find a professional touch is necessary to make home truly spotless before closing.

Pike Place Loft Exposed Brick

Pike Place Loft Exposed Brick

Grant Easy Access To All Mechanicals

The final walkthrough of your home is a less intense sort of home inspection. experienced agents will make sure their buyers see what the inspectors saw. Make sure they can easily access the hot water heater, electrical panel, and any other vital home systems.

Go Away

Just as with a buyer’s home inspections and appraisals, it is important to not be there during the final walkthrough of your home. In ideal circumstances, you will have moved out during the listing process. (And it’s just necessary during quarantine restrictions.)

Leave All Of The Lights On

After you have done a trial walkthrough yourself and you take off, don’t be eco-friendly this once: Leave all the lights on. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and also a safety precaution. You don’t want people wandering into unfamiliar, dark spaces, after all, especially if a light switch isn’t in the most obvious, accessible place for newcomers.

And that’s it!

It may be nerve-wracking, but fortunately, the final walkthrough of your home is not the most labor intensive part of the home selling process. The hard work is done; you are just making your home as inviting as possible for the buyers, so they are just as excited as your are for closing day.

Keep Learning About Home Selling Make Sure You Get To The Final Walkthrough

After all the work done to get your home listed and into contract, the final walkthrough is a breeze. As with every aspect of selling a home in Seattle, it’s good to work with someone who has done it many, many times. Get an experienced team like Team Diva on your side, to walk you through it the entire process, not just the final walkthrough of your home.

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