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First-Time Home Seller Guide: The Final Walkthrough of Your Home

About three to five days before signing and closing your home’s buyers will return for a final walkthrough of your house. The purpose of this is to ensure that sellers have upheld are the terms they agreed to and make sure the home is still in peak condition. In this blog, we will go into […]

Team Diva’s Home Inspection Guide for Sellers in Seattle

Welcome to our home inspection guide for you intrepid Seattle home sellers. If you’re here because you are already through the negotiation phase, congrats! If this is you doing your homework well in advance of reaching the home inspection as a seller OR buyer—EXTRA CREDIT for you! We at Team Diva LOVE to keep our […]

Home Seller Education: Marketing Your Home in Seattle

Marketing Your Home in Seattle so it Will Sell

Marketing your home in Seattle to reach the best buyers requires a comprehensive strategy. There is so much to be done before this stage in the home selling process, including: Do necessary repairs in your home Consider and complete key renovations to maximize the sale potential Move out and get it staged OR prepare to […]