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Rocky Flowers Becomes One of the Top Seattle Real Estate Agents

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Rocky Flowers Becomes One of the Top Seattle Real Estate Agents

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If you had told Rocky Flowers a few years ago that he would be one of the top-performing Seattle Real Estate Agents among our home office at CB Bain, he wouldn’t have believed it. But we always knew that Rocky’s tenacity, gentle kindness, and winning smile would bring him success.

Hands down Rocky Flowers is one of the best Seattle Real Estate Agents in our industry. Think about it the stereotypical real estate agent – Think Annette Benning in American Beauty…cold but artificially saccharine, driven by money rather than a love of clients and homes. Rocky Flowers is none of that, and he’s even more of an outlier among Seattle Real Estate agents. And it’s not just because he is a black, gay man in a very white industry in a very white city. Rocky has abundant natural charm, and it comes from a place of genuine compassion for people. That may not be a trait highly valued by every agent or office, but it has made him very successful with Team Diva, and we are so grateful to have him as part of our fam.

Rocky’s Contribution to the Team is What Makes Us Great

In addition to being one of Seattle’s Top Real Estate Agents Rocky has also been an incredible mentor to our two newest team members Remington and Juniper. Let’s just say Team Diva is not what she is without Rocky. Earlier this year we wrote about how Rocky’s contribution to the team is the reason why we have been able to be so successful. And unfortunately, the larger culture of Seattle Real Estate Agents has a hard time recognizing Rocky’s brilliance as an agent. Mainly because Rocky is on the team versus being a single solo agent. The culture of Team Diva is a collection of humans that want to do good work together. All of the awards and designations we receive would not have happened without our good friend and team member Rocky.

Team Diva’s Success Is Because of The Team Not One Individual

We did not make these rules nor do we agree with them. All we want to do is amplify and create a stage for our friend and team member ROCKY FLOWERS. Today we give a lot of love to the original Diva Dude Rocky cause he is humble AF!

How Did Rocky Become One Of The Top Seattle Real Estate Agents?

seattle real estate agent rocky of team diva
Seattle Real Estate Agent, Rocky Flowers of Team Diva

Of course, being one of Seattle Real Estate Agents also requires lots of hard work and hard lessons. We asked Rocky to dish on some of the things he has learned and loved in his first five years as a real estate agent in Seattle. (And for those who have met him, you’ll know why we had to indicate when he gave out one of those sweet, infectious laughs of his.)

Let’s find out how Rocky has

What is the most awkward learning moment you’ve had as a Seattle Real Estate agent?

[Laughs] Every agent I know learns something that they probably should have already known at least once a month. There are so many nuances to this job, so it’s a constant learning experience. As far as awkward, I can be quite awkward, so I have just learned to live with it. If I had to choose one, the most recent was falling down the stairs at a house in Tacoma in front of my clients as I was telling them to be careful. So classy. In my defense, those stairs were non-conforming as fuck [laughs].

What was it like getting your first paycheck after becoming a Seattle real estate agent?

Well, the obvi answer is that I was extremely happy and relieved. I remember Chavi telling me “Good job… now on to the next.”  It made me realize that you can’t rest on your laurels for long in this job. You will quickly find yourself on the verge of starvation while reveling in your last transaction.

How was it, buying your first home in Seattle?

It was one of those situations that happened because the stars literally all aligned. Four months prior to buying, I was not even thinking about moving, let alone buying a home. I went to an appointment I had with my astrologer and she told me that my living situation was going to change. Soon after, one circumstance led to another and I was buying my place.

I felt all the trepidations I tell my buyers not to worry about. Roy was helping me buy, so I had full confidence things would be ok, but I was still worried as hell about every little thing. Then my anxiety started in, and I was worried people were going to judge because of what I bought. But once I closed, I was like, “I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks.” I have all the things I wanted, in the area I wanted, and I wake up happy about my place every single day. Although I will say, I could use one or ten more closets.

What would you tell people about being a Seattle real estate agent?

It is rewarding, frustrating, exciting, draining, and challenging in the best possible way. I can say it has definitely pushed me to grow in ways I would not have thought I had in me.

What is your best advice for someone trying to buy or sell real estate in Seattle?

Focus on the area where you want to live, with the top five things you want in a home. Don’t settle for something you just “kinda” like. But don’t expect a unicorn either. Absolutely, do NOT buy beyond your means. It does not make sense to give up on the other joys and passions in your life so you can live in something you can afford, but sucks up all your cash and soul along with it. You will quickly start to resent your home and it won’t be a place you want to be in. Buy within your means and work your way up to the dream home. And, I’m sorry, but fireplaces are obsolete and you’re never gonna use it [Laughs].

What is one of your favorite moments being a Seattle real estate agent?

Every closing is a favorite moment. It takes so much hard work and mental strength to get across that finish line. I have to say that I have favorite moments and not a singular favorite moment from being a real estate agent in Seattle. I think of all the good times I’ve had outside of the “real estate” part of that question. Every time a client becomes a friend and I am at their birthday party, house warming, wedding or some other life event, it warms my soul and makes me feel so special that I can’t even take it sometimes. Some of the best life advice and inspiration has been from my client/friends in these moments.

A lot of our team member has celebrated anniversaries in recent months. Check out our little chats with Diva Desk Dude and REALTOR Michael Jouver and Seattle Real Estate Agent Roy Powell, too.

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