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100 Days of Resistance in Divaland

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100 Days of Resistance in Divaland

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Congratulations Divaland for crushing the fear that existed on the inauguration day and creating a tidal waive of resistance. Let’s celebrate 100 days of resistance and prep ourselves for more, starting with May Day rallies.

Team Diva wants to give you big thanks for making sure that we protect everything that is good in Divaland: Women, the environment, education, Obamacare, LGBTQ, People Of Color, and so much more. You are the reason we are willing to reach deep and stand up to the powers that be with the same tenacity that it takes to win a house in Seattle. You inspire us every day to do the hard work.

Just this week, we testified at a hearing for Senate Bill 5929. The Republicans who brought it up did so as a sort of ruse to embarrass Democrats. Like a lot of Trump’s policies, their attempt to show power rather than actually lead backfired badly and showed how out of touch they really are. They were overwhelmed by the turn-out from parents, activists and business owners who want to see education and other vital services fully funded.

Let’s revisit some of the many REAL accomplishments from the 100 days of resistance.

Hundreds of you Went to Womxns Marches All over the Nation

Join Team Diva at Seattle’s Women’s March Is Saturday, January 21

You shook off the shock and awe of an improbable election. You made signs. You marched with friends, neighbors, co-workers, lovers, and strangers in solidarity. You showed that you will not back down from tyranny.

You Created a Habit of Activism

The Womxn’s March is the First Step

You marched and you got active. You protested at the airports to protect our Muslim neighbors. You gave big to Planned Parenthood. You rallied and educated folks about how to engage in Civic Leadership. You stopped the first push to repeal Obama care. You introduced us to Seattle Indivisible. You created a true habit of activism.

You Wrote 500 Postcards to Your Members of Congress

The Resistance is Strong in Divaland

Your cards were heartfelt and personal. You spent time talking about how Obamacare helped you. You called out Rep. Reichert for the lazy shit that he is. You thanked other Republicans for being reasonable and having a heart. And we pushed our members of Congress to keep fighting.

You Are Fighting Locally to Fully Fund Education In the Face of HUGE Odds

Divas Give Back: Team Diva Joins Forces with Washington’s Paramount Duty

You are joining forces with local groups to push for equitable education funding. And in the process taking on folks like Tim Eyman, our REALTORS, and so many corporate interests who do not want to pay their fair share to educate our kids.

You Marched for Science

Photo credit our Diva Dweller Lisa Allen. You worked hard and reminded people that nerdy scientists folks are what makes medicine, cool computers, construct our buildings, and freaking drive the economy in Seattle.

Our Work is Just Starting – May 1st Action

Team Diva will be joining with other organizations at Judkins Park on Monday, May 1st to continue to #RESIST. Let’s plan on getting out our signs, protecting and supporting our Trans community, immigrants, and working people in this city. The march will take us all the way to Fisher Green in Seattle Center. Join us for all or part of it and celebrate what is great about Divaland!

Heads up: There will be a small Pro-Trump rally at Westlake Park at 4pm, so there may be some friction happening near the march route later in the day. Still, Divaland persists. Stay cool and proud and march with out united community!

Last but not least…

Get ready for #DivasTakeTheUS

Look for more information soon about a big Team Diva summer party and fundraiser!

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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