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Save the Dates: March and Lunch With Planned Parenthood

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Save the Dates: March and Lunch With Planned Parenthood

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The current administration’s anti-science, anti-health, and anti-women agenda is already being pushed hard. We the people need to push back even harder. Planned Parenthood is always a target, and we encourage Divaland to rally in support this spring.

March for Science

On Earth Day, April 22, there will be protests and marches across the country in support of the sciences. Crucial research data is already being purged by the Republican administration. The EPA is being attacked by anti-environment leadership from the inside out. Public education is on the chopping block, which will ultimately allow uncredited schools to reverse science education (or critical analysis of a sort).

All of this amounts to an attack on our future and children. Because Planned Parenthood is invested in the health of women and children. It’s only natural that they should take part in the Earth Day March for Science. We hope to see you at Cal Anderson Park when the rally begins at 10am!

20th Annual Seattle Luncheon

If you want to support Planned Parenthood directly and meet other advocates in the fight for affordable health care, join us on May 31. The 20th annual Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii Luncheon happens at the Westin in downtown Seattle from 12pm to 1:30pm. This year’s special guest is writer and activist Jamia Wilson!

Thousands of people across our region rely on Planned Parenthood. Solidarity is crucial in stopping the consistent attacks on reproductive health and rights, locally and nationally. Get tickets online.

Planned Parenthood In The News

Republican officials and leaders around the country lead a constant assault on women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. We can’t keep up with it all. Staying informed in advance of these events is a good idea. Here is a recap of some recent news, good and bad.

The GOP Votes to Allow States to Withhold Funds for Planned Parenthood

In March, the GOP pushed through legislation that allows states to withhold funds from Planned Parenthood. They used the Congressional Review Act (and a tie-breaking vote from Mike Pence) to undo an Obama era-rule that barred withholding. Trump is expected to sign the legislation into law.

Maryland Leads The Charge in Guaranteeing Funding for Planned Parenthood

An excerpt from the whole article on Boing Boing:

Every dollar that the Trump administration takes away from Planned Parenthood in Maryland will be replaced by state funds (about $2.7M), which will save about $6 for every dollar it puts in, because when women are in charge of their own fertility, they don’t end up raising kids they can’t afford.

And finally…

Those Anti-Choice Filmmakers are Getting Some Comeuppance in California

Remember David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the so-called investigators that published a falsely edited secret recording to smear Planned Parenthood? Well, they escaped charges in Texas. However, California’s Attorney General is coming at them with 14 felony counts for their deceptions.

Truth will out! And we hope to see you out at these upcoming events in support of Planned Parenthood!

PS: While you are marking your calendars, check out our Gamification of Activism blog post!


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