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The Roy & Kim Show With Stephanie Gailing: 2021 Astrological Forecast

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The Roy & Kim Show With Stephanie Gailing: 2021 Astrological Forecast

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Our Astrological Forecast 2021 from Stephanie Gailing looks especially at the Saturn square Uranus that defines this tumultuous year ahead. This is a tense time, but also one of unique opportunities and revolutionary energy in every facet of life.

Our first Roy & Kim Show of 2021 opened with a market forecast, and now it’s time for a different forecast: The 2021 Astrological Forecast. Our guest, Astrologer Stephanie Gailing is a prolific author and long-time astro-consultant for Team Diva. She even advised us on the auspicious time to launch the business as an LLC in 2010, and created the star chart for it. She has never steered us wrong.

Gailing’s latest book The Complete Book of Dreams came out in October and her forthcoming book The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care will be available April 20th. It’s a expansion of the concepts that Gailing outlined in her 2009 book Planetary Apothecary, and we can’t wait to see it all. Pre-order her new book and see her other published works here.

On this episode of The Roy and Kim Show, we discussed our current place in the midst of Mercury Retrograde and what that means in Aquarius season. We also looked at the major alignments that rule this year, namely the Saturn square Uranus that pits the old guard against rebellious energy. What will this mean for technology, politics, and (of course) real estate?

Stephanie offers lots of insights, and Roy and Kim share their own experiences in this very special, cosmic episode of The Roy & Kim show. (And in case you get inspired to have a personalized view on what the new year means for you and your chart, consider getting a session with Stephanie, too.)

The Roy & Kim Show: 2021 Astrological Forecast With Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie was our guest back in April of last year, and on that show we discussed Pluto and its starring role in 2020. Pluto is a planet of the underworld, and Gailing emphasized how 2020 would be a year of uncovering. Where does power really lie? What lies have we been told about it, and what illusions are we upholding?

It was definitely a year that had people asking what they were really about, and what their country is about. As Stephanie said on the show today, 2020 was an eruption of that Pluto energy. And it’s not over. Though the major Plutonian events have peaked, the effects will continue. Because for every astrological event, there is a period leading up to it, and a period leading away.

On that note, we can talk about our current situation: Mercury Retrograde.

The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2021

Astrology Forecast 2021: What a retrograde motion might look like over weeks, using the path of Mars as an example.
Astrology Forecast 2021: What a retrograde motion might look like over weeks, using the path of Mars as an example.

“What’s a retrograde?” you may be wondering. When a planet is retrograde, it means that (because of the relative positions of earth and another planet in their orbits) it seems to moving backwards across the skyscape.

When people hear about Mercury Retrograde, the association is often with communication and transportation going haywire. That’s because Mercury rules these realms, but that’s not all a retrograde period is about. This current retrograde period began on January 30th and ends February 20th. During this time, Gailing says that it’s important to review how you gather information, re-assess your messaging strategies, consider re-addressing conversations that didn’t feel complete, and re-evaluate how you can fortify your communication devices and platforms.

In the retrograde period, Gailing explains that we are invited to re-evaluate what has happened in the preceding period, known as the pre-shadow period (this time it occurred January 14-30). Then, for several weeks after the retrograde cycle is complete, we enter the post-shadow phase (this time it will occur February 20 – March 12), when we can synthesize our new knowledge. Put another way:

→ First experiences and actions
← Revisiting and re-evaluating (retrograde period)
→ Moving forward with the synthesized perspective

What about other planet’s retrogrades?

Every planet has a retrograde cycle. The ones that Gailing is most focused upon are the retrograde cycles of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Mercury Retrograde occurs about three times a year.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, and the next one will begin at the very end of this year (December 19). Venus rules love, so retrograde Venus is a time to assess who, what and how you love. Mars deals with strategy (not just war, despite being the Roman god of war), and it won’t go retrograde again until October 2022.

Gailing again emphasizes that though retrograde periods get a bad rap, they are important opportunities. These are prime times to re-evaluate and reconsider, re-investigate…but maybe not start something new. Mercury doesn’t deal with just the technology by which we communicate, but how we process and share knowledge, and make ourselves understood.

The days right around when retrograde begins and ends are very high energy for that planet, so Gailing asks us to be gentle and pace ourselves at these times. There are disruptions, but the world doesn’t end just because of a glitch here and there. That said, looking at our Astrological Forecast 2021, all of this is good practice for the major planetary tension this year: Saturn square Uranus.

What Is Saturn About In Astrology?

Astrology Forecast 2021: Saturn brings old, established thought
Astrology Forecast 2021: Saturn brings old, established thought, but is some of it outdated?

Saturn in mythology was the analog for father time: The Titan Cronos. Saturn is the senex (old man in Latin, and Jungian archetype) and thus a symbol of the old guard. One of the big closing events of 2020 was the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, on the winter solstice. Jupiter is associated with law and judgment, and Saturn with tradition, the establishment, the crystalized ways.

Following that, we are in for a shake up. Because as circumstances change, the old, established ways may not always be the wisest course. As Gailing points out, the persistent question is “Where does wisdom live?” We can see many positive associations with Saturn, such as discipline, integrity, and the experience that only comes with age. But there is also the possibility of rigidity.

That is NOT what Uranus represents.

What Is Uranus About In Astrology?

Astrology Forecast 2021: Uranus is the rebel and brings revolutonary energy
Astrology Forecast 2021: Uranus is the rebel…but is it a rebel without a cause, or even worse, a rebel with a BAD cause?

Uranus says out with the old, in with the new. It’s the rebel, the radical, the revolutionary. If Saturn is the Jungian senex, then Uranus is the puer—the youth. Uranus is all about disruption, for better or worse.

And so Gailing poses the question again: Where does wisdom live? Clearly, the world has changed rapidly with new technology (such as social media) and big challenges (pandemics, climate crises, etc). Part of the American psyche is a sense that revolutionary, rebellious energy is good. For Civil Rights minded people, social revolution is necessary to achieve equality.

But while we recorded the Astrological Forecast 2021 show today, the Impeachment Trial was ongoing in The U.S. Senate. Revolution means something very different to the white supremacists that tried to overthrow the government for Trump on January 6th. Those people are not going anywhere, and we expect more attempts at insurrection to come.

In short, Uranian revolutionary energy does not have an inherent moral valence. How do we preserve democratic institutions and prevent fascism while also toppling the institutional racism and inequality that plague our country? It’s a very tense time, and that is what the Saturn square Uranus really nails home.

Saturn Square Uranus: A Tense Time Of New Possibilities

Astrology Forecast 2021: Saturn Square Uranus brings lots of tension this year
Astrology Forecast 2021: Saturn Square Uranus brings lots of tension, but we can use it to our advantage.

Gailing clarified that we should not think of an astrological square as opposition, but rather as tension. A square forms when two planets are 90 degrees away from each other in the zodiac, which puts them in astrological signs that are three away from each other. On February 17, the first square happens, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The next squares occur on June 14 and December 23.

Gailing has us think of this period in the context of last year. 2020’s Plutonian energy upended a lot of things and forced us to (in a sense) go underground and hibernate. Routines were put aside, and so many people grieved all of this in addition to the real grief of human loss that the pandemic brought. We’re still facing some of these conditions, but starting to shift and ask how we need to pivot.

To get more clarity, Kim asked if all this means that 2021 is a good year to re-evaluate the decisions and plans that we made for ourselves…not just in the recent past, but the long-term promises we have made in expectation of a certain life or vision for ourselves. Gailing emphatically agrees: The key to thriving is moving forward not in a prescribed way, but in a very self-aware way that takes new circumstances into account.

It’s Time To Check In With The New You

The last year has challenged (and changed) us all in ways that we perhaps don’t fully understand yet. Are we still following a plan that no longer matches who we are? We’re pivoting all the time, and we’re building on the new ideas and conditions we’re receiving.

The tension of Saturn Square Uranus should help us heighten our awareness around these changes, and also galvanize us when it comes time to course-correct. But this language seems a bit hard. Gailing’s favorite term feels much better: Stay bouncy!

The summary advice of this Astrological Forecast 2021 is this: Use the Saturnian wisdom of time and experience, but let go of the rigidity with some Uranian energy. Finding that balance in the tension of their square is really healthy. And on that health note, Gailing recommends exercising that fluidity and bounciness by changing routines slightly.

Do you set aside time for sitting meditation? Try walking meditation for a change. Move things around in your schedule. Do these little things to keep your perspective fluid and open to new things.

Astrological Forecast: What Does This Mean For The Rest Of 2021?

Astrology Forecast 2021: Aquarian and Taurian energy have unexpected synergy in 2021
Astrology Forecast 2021: Aquarian and Taurian energy have unexpected synergy in 2021

With Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, Aquarian themes dominate 2021. Aquarius rules science and technology, and the Saturn square Uranus suggests more leaps, disruptions and convulsions in these arenas. But Aquarius is also the sign of the community, collective, groups. And again, how this is applied depends on whom you ask.

The cultishness of QAnon and allied White Supremacists has been on full display in recent years, but especially to start this year. Indeed, Mercury Retrograde has us look back and this particular one is having us look back to the January 6 Putsch—a violent, riotous attack on our government by these groups. It happened in the shadow period of the retrograde, and now the Senate is revisiting it with the impeachment trial…the actual retrograde period.

In the coming weeks, we will collectively be evaluating what it all means for our country moving forward. This is the sort of synthesis that Gailing prescribes for us individually after retrograde periods, but on a national scale. Gailing also pointed out that the last two times this close square of Saturn and Uranus occurred was in the early 1930s and the mid 1970s. In the wake of the 70s Square, we saw major technological advents, including the birth of Apple and Microsoft. We also saw the continuation of The Troubles in Ireland, the Basque separatist movements, and The Red Brigade.

So there is certainly a sense of more upheaval to come, but we are also very excited. Divaland is all about collective action and joy, and embracing Aquarian energy in 2021 means working toward the social good…together. We’re all about that, and this time presents an opportunity for more people to feel a sense of reward and to get ahead by doing the same. This is a call to get involved, and to use that revolutionary energy for the right reasons.

Astrological Forecast 2021 For Real Estate: Uranus In Taurus Vibes

As we mentioned above, Uranus is in Taurus for this Square period, and Taurus is the sign of wealth and stability. You might think that revolutionary energy and home stability are opposed, but not so. This pairing asks us to re-evaluate what makes our homes work for us…or not work.

Lockdown measures have absolutely changed the real estate game. As we mentioned in our real estate forecast for the year, the need for more space is really affecting demand for various kinds of homes. (Fun times: That episode was recorded DURING the January 6th Putsch.) Single family homes are in extremely high demand, while condos have stayed flat. More people are looking into buying cabins and vacation homes, especially if they feel priced out of buying up where they live.

Cooperative Living: A Little Taurus, And A Little Aquarius At The Same Time

Roy and Kim both speak to their experiences with clients trying these approaches on the show, but there is another trend Roy has seen: More people are pooling resources to buy together and live cooperatively. This may mean multiple families banding together to buy a larger home and pod together, not just a traditional co-op building.

There are lots of new arrangements and configurations that people may try, especially as they seek out more ways to have personal connections and pod together. Because it isn’t just about having the financial stability we see in Taurus; it’s that collective, communal energy of Aquarius, too.

As for us in the industry, we will keep pivoting, too. Kim remarked how she could not believe after a year of lockdown that some agents are coming out of their skin to do open houses again. Not only does this feel premature and unsafe, it also bespeaks a stubbornness and inability to get creative that affects a LOT of the real estate industry.

We’re always keen to innovate, and to keep our communities and clients safe. We feel like this year will provide plenty of opportunity to flex this skills, much as 2020 did.

The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care Is Out April 20th

The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care is out April 20th
Be cosmically good to yourself in 2021. The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care is out April 20th.

We closed this Roy & Kim Show and our Astrological Forecast 2021 with some last advice from Stephanie Gailing’s new book. She reminds us that with all the tension of old and new, this is a good year to get oneself into new rituals and practices that serve your re-evaluated goals.

She recommends carrying some remedy flower essences with you, as they are great for helping to calm and center oneself when 2021 brings its inevitable jolts. Remember, Stay Bouncy!

Shake things up. As stated above, change up your routine, and give yourself a more multivalent approach. Newly re-evaluated goals and plans for yourself also require new means. Redefine your comfort zone, as you refine the things that bring you comfort. The little changes you make in your life will help you live with less rigidity in a year that needs us to be bouncy.

Bonus: If you pre-order, you can get a sneak peek before the book officially launches on April 20th. Click here more details about preview access.

Check out Gailing’s books and pre-order the new one via her website.

Look into getting a personal session with Stephanie Gailing. We highly recommend it.

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