Seattle REALTORS Roy, Michael, and Rocky

Seattle REALTORS and Do-Gooders: Team Diva Celebrates Three Anniversaries

Seattle REALTORS and Do-Gooders: Team Diva Celebrates Three Anniversaries

Three members of our team recently celebrated anniversaries with Team Diva; Rocky Flowers and Roy Powell hit five years as Seattle REALTORS, and Desk Dude Michael Jouver celebrates his first year fully licensed for Real Estate.

Today we want to celebrate three amazing Seattle REALTORS who are changing the landscape of real estate here locally and on a national level. Rocky, Roy, and Michael are some of the kindest, dedicated, and innovated Seattle REALTORS we have in our industry. This last year all three celebrated major milestones. And we want to celebrate what makes them great.

Celebrating Everyone’s Favorite Seattle REALTORS Rocky, Roy, and Michael

Seattle REALTORS Roy, Michael, and Rocky
Seattle REALTORS Roy, Michael, and Rocky being rad team members at Team Diva

Rocky and Roy both just passed their five-year mark as licensed Washington State brokers earlier this year. Michael has been with the team for four summers but he just got his real estate license a year ago. Anniversaries are often overlooked in this industry. We are always so busy and off to the next Big Thing. But at Team Divam we need to take time to recognize what makes these three extra special Seattle real estate agents. Here is just a little about each of them and why these humans rock our world.

Seattle Super Star REALTOR Rocky Flowers

rocky flowers seattle real estate agent
Rocky Flowers Seattle Real Estate Agent

Hands down, Rocky Flowers ranks among the best Seattle Real Estate Agents. Think about it the stereotypical real estate agent – Think Annette Benning in American Beauty…cold but artificially saccharine, driven by money rather than a love of clients and homes. Rocky Flowers is none of that, and he’s even more of an outlier among Seattle Real Estate agents. And it’s not just because he is a black, gay man in a very white industry in a very white city. Rocky has abundant natural charm, and it comes from a place of genuine compassion for people. That may not be a trait highly valued by every agent or office, but it has made him very successful with Team Diva, and we are so grateful to have him as part of our fam.

Rocky Flowers Becomes One of the Top Seattle Real Estate Agents

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Rockstar Seattle REALTOR Roy Powell

Seattle Real Estate Agent Roy Powell
Seattle Rockstar Real Estate Agent Roy Powell
We liked Roy instantly when we met him—pretty much everyone does. He was focused mostly on his painting at the time, and we have several pieces of his in our home. But a little over five years ago, after many long discussions with us, Roy made the leap and became a Seattle real estate agent with Team Diva. Roy didn’t stop being an artist when he became a Seattle Real Estate Agent. He’s using his keen observations and good sense of design every time he helps home buyers find hidden gems, or helping home sellers prepare their home to be as eye-catching as possible. He uses his empathy and sense of humor to help people stay upbeat and on task during the emotionally fraught journey of buying or selling real estate in Seattle. And we certainly share his enthusiasm for arts of all kind (as you can tell by our team’s frequent arts and culture guides).
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Drag Star Seattle REALTOR Michael Jouver

Earlier this week we were talking about the fact that not only is Michael a star in his own right as a master of the listing team. He also has magical powers as DonnaTella Howe, his ultra ego and bossy roommate. Diva Desk Dude Michael Jouver has led a varied life, with an animal care background, followed by time working in the medical industry, now real estate. And then, of course, there is his drag life as DonnaTella Howe. This is one busy queen.

One doesn’t become one of the top Seattle Real Estate Agent teams without a lot of cooperation, and we just couldn’t do what we do without Diva Desk Dude Michael Jouver. Not only has he learned the industry inside and out by working with us…he’s a real jack of all trades, treating every task with precision and just the right amount of sass. From opening homes to throwing parties, to publishing content and marketing, to doing all the nitty-gritty office things, Michael is there at every turn. (And all of this while he maintains his persona as drag diva DonnaTella Howe, the 45th Empress of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle.)

Diva Desk Dude Michael Celebrates One Year Licensed as a Seattle Real Estate Agent

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Thank you for taking a moment to celebrate our favorite Seattle REALTORS Rocky, Roy, and Michael. They are a gift to our industry and to Team Diva. They show through their actions what the Seattle King County REALTORS’ Code of Ethics looks like in their daily practice. We are proud of these three. And we consider them to be some of the best of the best.

Team Diva

Team Diva

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