Price Improvement at Our Lakeview Diva Dwelling

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Divas Announce a price improvement at our Lakeview Diva Dwelling. Ok here is the deal. We thought we had the price spot on but sometimes you miss a little. We know our Lakeview Diva Dwelling has a fabulous but very dated kitchen. It is HUGE in comparison to ANYTHING else on Capitol Hill. I mean it is massive. For someone like this Diva, a big Kitchen is a plus regardless if it is not fancy. Now you can make this kitchen fancy and be a savvy real estate buyer in this hot market!

We have improved the price so you now have the resources to make this Kitchen DIVA-riffic.

Let’s go into the Team Diva archives on how you can improve this Diva Dwelling:

Did you know when you spend a little cash on renovating you can make BIG MONEY? Savvy Real Estate Investors know these secrets. The Divas sold a unit in the Lakeview Condo building LAST fall for over $470,000. It was updated. Nothing fancy just updated. Guess what? We just improved the price on this baby by $30,000. It is now $425,000! Imagine what you will walk away with in equity in the very near future with a little creativity?

Ever thought about Renovating using Found and/or Salvaged Goodies?

Go Green with your renovation!

Are you ready for a renovation? Luckily we even have some renovation resources for you!

You are Perfect For this Diva Dwelling

Ok now that you are convinced you are the perfect Diva Dweller to use creativity to make real estate profit. Let’s remind you why this place is so awesome!

Check out the home with me and Rocky

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Did you know this Diva Dwelling has it’s own private patio? Imagine what you can do during Pride with a patio like this!

Get the skinny on this Diva Dwelling!