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Divas Announce | Private Patio Oasis in North Capitol Hill

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Divas Announce | Private Patio Oasis in North Capitol Hill

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Divas Announce | Private Patio Oasis in North Capitol Hill. Enter into this two story condo and leave the city behind. Our Diva Dweller refers to this home as the “introverts paradise.” And without a doubt, this space will be your refuge from the city hustle and bustle. Serene as this home may be, it also provides fabulous space for entertaining. You will love cooking with friends and having grand dinner parties in the huge dining room. Or spend the summer on you super spacious private patio. There is space galore here for gardening, BBQs or happy hour cocktails before you hit the town. This home may be nestled in a quiet hood but the heart of Capitol Hill, South Lake Union and Eastlake are just around the bend.

Once you decide to leave your private patio oasis you’ve got plenty of options for play just minutes away! Sun yourself in Bellevue Place. Grab a drink and sit on the patio at The Lookout. Enjoy a cuppa joe at Joe Bar. Take a walk through the tree-line North Capitol Hill streets up to Volunteer Park, or go visit St. Mark’s Cathedral on Sunday night to hear the famous Compline Choir.

Top Five Reasons You Need to Run to this Private Patio Oasis

Reason 1: The Location – Seriously you are a 1o minute jaunt from South Lake Union. Your city commute can’t get any better than this. And if you want more action you can bounce up the hill to all the hip new hot spots on Broadway in the Harvard/Belmont District or on Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue.

Reason 2: The Layout –  This is a condo that lives like a house with TWO master suites. The expansive open upstairs is ready for your creative design ideas to take flight. And the space is perfect for some fabulous art to grace its walls. Need a recommendation on up and coming artists to purchase a few pieces? Call Team Member Roy. He will hook you up!

Reason 3: The Patio – Yep, we refer to this as your private “roof deck” because this patio is the size of most rooftop decks in other Capitol Hill condo buildings. This is not a Juliette balcony. Or a condo deck built for a chair and a plant. This is one super big patio. Buy yourself a Webber and stock up on bubbles, cause this Summer you may not want to leave this patio!

Reason 4: The Neighbors – The Lakeview Condos are a self managed building to help save money for the home owners. They have used that money to build their reserves, take care of issues as they arise, and generally keep the building in good shape. Not to mention everyone we have met in the building is LOVELY!

Reason 5: The Commute – It’s a super easy commute to I-5, and SR520 and I-90 are nearby. The #25 makes getting to Queen Anne or Downtown a piece of cake. But let’s be honest, on a nice sunny Seattle day, you’ll want to take advantage of the fact that this hood ranks an 80 Walkscore.

The Critical Nuggets About This Home:

  • Address: 1028 Lakeview Boulevard East #8
  • Hood: Nestled right next to Capitol Hill, Eastlake and South Lake Union
  • Price: $459,950
  • More Information: Check out all of the juicy details about this fabulous home after the jump>

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Kim Colaprete

Kim Colaprete

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