Renovation Material Resources

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The Divas absolutely love how creative the built green home market has become. There are a multitude of wonderful non-traditional products out there to choose from. The Eco Haus is a great place to start, but many home remodeling stores now provide some types of eco-friendly products. Below is a quick list of the materials we investigated during our remodel back in 2007.

Cabinets: We decided to use Canyon Creek. They are not 100% green but they were affordable, locally built, certified by the EPA for healthy air practices, and just plain beautiful. Plus, Marella, their rep will come out and work with you on designing your kitchen, for no extra charge!

Tile: We found a great product at both Eco Haus & Norberry Tile in the Seattle Design Center called Fireclay. It is a traditional clay material that is mixed with recycled materials like glass and other products. We also like the tiles at Bedrock Industries and Georgetown Tile Works.

Countertops: We fell in love with a stunning brown Squawk Mountain Stone only available through Eco Haus. It looks and feels like concrete but it is lightweight and versatile.

Flooring: For our needs we decided to go with regular oak floors. You can often find old oak and even fir floor board suitable for re-use at places like Restore or Second Use. Plus, there are tons of available reclaimed wood flooring products if you have a little more cash.

Fixtures: There are many water-saving bath fixtures & toilets out there. My main advice is to shop at places that give contractor discounts like Keller Plumbing Supply or Soreano’s Plumbing.

Along with these options, there are tons more that are always popping up around this city. The Divas are always ready to have a conversation about where to find the best materials, so if you need some guidance, let a Diva know!