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Ready for a Remodel?

As many of you know, we (in this case, Kim & Chavi) remodeled our 1960’s custom built rambler in 2007. The experience was fun, creative, slightly stressful, and very dirty. We enjoyed learning about the diversity of materials out there that are not only beautiful, but also environmentally sound. Below are some helpful hints and […]

Renovation Material Resources

The Divas absolutely love how creative the built green home market has become. There are a multitude of wonderful non-traditional products out there to choose from. The Eco Haus is a great place to start, but many home remodeling stores now provide some types of eco-friendly products. Below is a quick list of the materials […]

Finding Yourself a Contractor

The Divas know finding the perfect contractor for your renovation is not an easy task. Good contractors are hard to find for a reason, but nothing makes or breaks your remodel experience like a contractor. Here is our list of ways to ensure you pick the right contractor for you. We LOVED our contractors. The […]

Let’s Go Green: Green Building Resources

Team Diva believes that green construction is not merely a luxury available to a select few. Everyone deserves a safe and sustainable home. A house built with substandard materials can be toxic, both literally and figuratively, harming its residents with hazardous materials and depressing its neighborhood with poor design. Beyond this, poor building practices deplete […]

Diva-Approved Seattle Contractors

Team Diva takes the time to personally use and interview service providers, contractors, real estate lawyers, plumbers and anything that might remotely be a resource that our Diva Dwellers and Fans might need for their home. The Divas also love going out and looking good for every event. But it takes a team. In our […]

Maintenance Resources

Team Diva’s general perspective on life is that one should be fabulous and make sure your home reflects how fabulous you are. Many folks think that once we help you buy or sell a home we lose interest in what happens to you or your home. That might be true for some in this industry, […]

Short Sale Resources

The past couple of years have been very trying for families and individuals as they face declining home values, job losses and changes in their financial situations. Team Diva has seen an increase in the number of folks coming to us whose agents have left the real estate business, who have relocated to another city […]

The Diva Difference

Selling a home in the current Seattle real estate market can be a challenging to say the least. Effective marketing requires years of preparation, knowledge, and creativity. Our sellers’ homes look picture perfect when they hit the market and sell faster and for more money than homes listed by the competition. This is also because […]

Swanking Up for the Sale

Preparing your home for the open market is a critical step. A buyer’s first impressions could make or break whether they even get through the front door. Most buyers develop an opinion about your property within the first 15 seconds. That’s why creating a favorable first impression is the key to a successful sale. Here […]