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Maintenance Resources

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Maintenance Resources

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Team Diva’s general perspective on life is that one should be fabulous and make sure your home reflects how fabulous you are. Many folks think that once we help you buy or sell a home we lose interest in what happens to you or your home. That might be true for some in this industry, but Team Diva is truly interested in the well-being of you and your home. We take it upon ourselves to provide resources that will empower our Divotees and Diva Dwellers to create long-term value in their home. Below is a small collection of what one should do to maintain and improve their home over time.

General Rule: Are you changing the clocks for daylight saving time? Then it’s time to do your half-yearly home maintenance.

Have questions? Give us a ring. We have great resources and can easily help you through any problems that might come up in your home.

Furnaces/Boilers – Heating Systems

Yearly Maintenance: Once a year, call someone to have your boiler or furnace serviced. It saves your money and your lung health to have an efficient machine in the winter.

It’s Not Working? Call us or reference our Community Resources for recommendations to fix the problem. Always try to fix your heating system before replacing it.

I need to Replace It: A broken furnace system has happened to us, and we can vouch that it really does suck. Follow the standard of getting three quotes and try to choose someone who comes recommended by us or by friends. We have found that when you use the company that delivers your oil/gas, you are typically charged more or end up with more than you actually need. Reference our Community Resources for recommendations.

Gardens and Landscaping

Gardens are critical for resale value. A maintained and established garden is a huge selling point here in Seattle. People love strolling through a green and lush environment before entering their home. Here are some tips:
Plant a Victory Garden

Butterfly Gardens

Gardens for Birds

Seattle Tilth

Painting Inside and Outside

Outside: Every five years, you should plan to repaint the exterior of your home. It protects the siding from the elements and ensures pests don’t sneak in and take over. It is also good to constantly monitor your home and see if their are sections of your house that gets more exposure than others. That side of the house may need to be repainted more often than the other sides.

Interior: On a personal level The Divas are fans of the make-over. Every couple of years we like a full room renovation. Sometimes it includes trips to our favorite furniture stores. Other times we repaint every room in the house. Oh mercy!

Roof Maintenance

A Roof Over Your Head Shall Be Honored: Clean the moss off your roof every spring and fall. Many folks will advertise power washing your roof to rid it of the moss. Power washers destroy the shingles and reduce the overall lifespan of your roof. We recommend getting up there or hiring someone to sweep the roof clean of debris and moss.


One Doesn’t Really Think About Their Gutters Until They No Longer Work: Seattleites are no stranger to rain, wind, and all of the leaves that end up in the gutters. Debris builds up over the season and can cause major problems if you do not manage the issue. Clean your gutters every spring and fall. It helps maintain your roof and prevents long-term problems down the road.

Sewer Pipes

Drano Bad! Our city is filled with trees and lush bushes that love to invade sewer pipes. Left unchanged, the roots can cause major problems. If you suspect or know that you have root problems in your sewer, plan on using RootX and getting your sewer cleaned. Your home inspector is your friend on this one. Call them and ask them to recommend a good yearly cleaning advice. Do not (NOT EVER) use Drano or other toxic chemicals to clean your sewer pipes. As always, if you have a problem, give us a ring and we can help you.

Smoke Detectors

Change the batteries in the Spring and again in the Fall. Don’t have them? Run — don’t walk — and buy a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It’s one of the most essential home investments you can make.

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Chavi Hohm

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