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Realtor Confessions: Kim Colaprete of Team Diva in the news with Seattle Met

Kim Quoted in the “Gossip Girl” Column of the Seattle Met

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Kim Quoted in the “Gossip Girl” Column of the Seattle Met

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Team Diva’s Kim V. Colaprete is quoted in the Seattle Met’s recent “Gossip Girl” column.

Our very own Gossip girl Kim V. Colaprete was just quoted in Seattle Met on July 19, 2021.  The “Gossip Girl” column is titled “Realtor Confessions: Kim Colaprete of Team Diva” by Seattle Met Editor in Chief Angela Cabotaje. In typical Team Diva fashion, Kim is not afraid to be herself and shows all of her colors in this “tell-all” interview. 

Let’s dig into this juicy gossip.

Kim Quoted in the “Gossip Girl” Column of the Seattle Met

The Seattle Met - Team Diva

Kim Quoted in Seattle Met

Kim shares a behind-the-scenes look at some of the highlights (the good, bad, and ugly) from her 22-year real estate career. This is an interview you don’t want to miss. Especially if you’re getting ready to buy or sell in Seattle. Kim talks about where Seattle’s housing market will go next, and which neighborhood she thinks Seattle’s hottest housing market is in. She also talks about shady real estate practices. And that time she had to fire a client. It’s important to Team Diva that we only work with awesome people who we love and who love us back! Everyone is happier that way. 

And on that note, here is a quote from Kim that’s featured in the article: 

“If you trust the process and commit to doing the suggestions we make, 99.9 percent of the time, your house sells in a week with multiple offers. People who don’t trust the process, they’re just not our people.” – Kim

You all know Kim’s mad skills as a listing broker. A perfect example of this client commitment was when our friends sold a home in Rainier Beach >

Kim Chats About the Intense Realities of Seattle’s Real Estate Market

In this Seattle Met article, Kim shares her real estate experience and expertise. She has been a real estate agent for 22 years and has pretty much seen it all by now. Kim had a big realization in 2016 when a modest home she was selling in the Haller Lake area received 25 offers. This experience was the first indicator that Seattle’s real estate market was heating up in a big way. Kim points out that Seattle has more people than housing inventory and this is never going to change again.

Kim is also asked what she thinks Seattle’s hottest neighborhood is right now. Well, SURPRISE, every neighborhood is hot: 

“It feels like every neighborhood in Seattle is hot because you can’t afford to buy anything anyway. There is nothing to buy anywhere. People contact us all the time, “I have $700,000 to spend and I want to buy in Greenwood,” and I’m like, You want a condo? You want a shack? You want a garage? Seriously, you can’t buy anything that’s a fixer-upper that’s bigger than a shoebox for less than $700,000.” -Kim 

Seattle is finally catching up with our fellow west coast tech hubs.

Advice to Our Clients

Part of Kim’s job as a real estate agent is making sure her clients are educated. This includes making sure they have an accurate and realistic understanding of the current real estate market they’re getting into. Of course, this also includes the steps of selling and buying a home. Buying a home in Seattle can be challenging, but if you’re prepared, it can be done. Read “Advice From the Team to Win a Multiple Offer in 2021 in Seattle” here. Team Diva is ready to help you find your next Diva Dwelling. 

Kim also dishes on where the next hottest real estate market is (in addition to Seattle, of course): 

“Renton is an underrated location. I just think downtown Renton is one of the cutest fricking places on the planet. People give Renton a bad rap, but there are a lot of cute houses, and it’s easy to get to the Eastside and to downtown Seattle. You might be able to buy something cute in a walkable location for $650k, $700k, that’s not in the city.” – Kim

We love Renton. Check out our Renton Neighborhood Guide >

Kim Shares the Juicy Details From Real Estate Transactions Gone Awry 

Real estate is never boring, that’s for sure. In the Seattle Met article, Kim shares some cautionary tales and why real estate agents sometimes get a bad name. But if you have an experienced real estate agent on your side, they’ll be ready to advocate for you and help you steer clear of some of these things. 

Not all real estate agents are created equal. For one, Kim has had to deal with listing agents misrepresenting their clients. One agent, for example, said they had multiple offers on a house when they had no evidence of this: 

“There’s been some kind of weird experiences with my buyers where we put in an offer and the other agent told us there were multiple offers, but I knew that it wasn’t a multiple offer. There was legit no proof this agent would show me. They said the other [potential buyer’s] escalator is the same as yours, but they kept changing the price that they wanted us to come to. What happens in a market like this is agents tell their clients they’re going to get multiple offers and going to sell over list price and that doesn’t happen and they back themselves into a corner. That’s the kind of behavior that I think gives listing agents a bad name and makes buyers really wary of Realtors, and that pisses me off.” – Kim 

Agents can bring their own drama to transactions, but sometimes it’s the clients, too. It’s important to know when a client is just not going to be the right fit. One example of this was when Kim was doing a walk-through of a potential client’s home. They wanted to sell it but were not willing to do basic things like removing their workout equipment from the living room. They also didn’t want to finish painting their kitchen cabinets. The advice that Kim gives Diva Dwellers is for our clients’ benefit: 

“If you trust the process and commit to doing the suggestions we make, 99.9 percent of the time, your house sells in a week with multiple offers. People who don’t trust the process, they’re just not our people.” – Kim 

Let’s try to be a better industry!

Thank You Seattle Met For Highlighting Kim’s Expertise

Kim Colaprete Quoted in the Seattle Met | In the News

Thank you again to Seattle Met Editor in Chief Angela Cabotaje for interviewing Kim Colaprete for the “Gossip Girl” column that was published on July 19, 2021. We appreciate the opportunity to share our expertise in the Seattle real estate market and buying and selling a home. 

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If you’re thinking about selling your home, get in touch with Team Diva here.

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