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Our fabulous Diva Dwellers Jessica and Jonathan found themselves homeschooling and working from home this last year and decided they need their own space. They jumped into the market in the middle of a Pandemic right when our Seattle housing supply dwindled to an all-time low for single-family homes.

Buying a home in Seattle during a global pandemic is super intense. There are no open houses. And a lot of home sellers suddenly do not want to put their home on the market because of the need to temporarily move out of the home. Our fabulous clients Jessica and Jonathan were just featured by the SeattleMet talking about what it took to go into multiple-offer after multiple-offer. Check out the whole story on the Seattle Met website here 

Team Diva’s Finely Tuned Process of Buying in a Pandemic Was Featured In Seattle Met

Team Diva in the News - Buying a Home in a Pandemic in SeattleMag

Team Diva in the News – Buying a Home in a Pandemic in SeattleMag

The crux of the Seattle Met article is how trying it can be to buy a home in Seattle during a Pandemic. Low-interest rates, families moving up their home buying timelines, and Seattle’s tech class means competing against those with a lot of money to put down on a home.

To quote the article: “Extraordinarily low inventory and interest rates, combined with high demand from deep-pocketed competitors, has made acquiring a home an exercise in loss during the most recent weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic.” And that isn’t changing any time soon.

Kim Explains Why Low Home Inventory is Making it Hard to Buy in a Pandemic

Diva Kim is also quoted, explaining the impact the Pandemic is having on keeping home sellers in their homes. More specifically in single-family homes.

“If you are still living in the home, it is a huge risk to list it,” notes Kim V. Colaprete, the managing broker of Team Diva Real Estate at Coldwell Banker Bain. “This means you and your family have to move out and find a place to go for two weeks or more. Many sellers might want to sell but just can’t move out or don’t feel comfortable selling at this time. That means even less homes being listed in a market that normally has low inventory.”

The condo market is seeing record highs in inventory as people yearn for more outdoor space and are moving out of the centrally located areas.

Diva Dwellers Had Roy By Their Side to Make the Home Buying Process Work During a Pandemic

Roy is dedicated to making all of his clients learn the ins and outs of buying a home using the Team Diva method. The method helped Jessica and Jonathan to only focus on the homes that were in the criteria aka “guardrails.” And Roy really helped them to hone in on our concept of  Size, Condition, and Location. We were so excited to see Team Diva clients Jessica and Jonathan advocate for this approach in the article.

Seattle Met Quotes Jessica and Jonathan

They worked with a Team Diva broker, Roy Powell. Who recommended they make a list of important qualities and “guardrails” to steer their home browsing. One of those non-negotiables was finding a house near a fairly direct route to school for Jonathan’s children. “Walkability” was another important factor.

The war box the couple ultimately settled on meets both of those standards. But they had to part with others. “The size, location and condition were all not as ideal as we hoped they would be, but workable,” says Jessica.

This method helps save time in the search. It’s especially critical now that home tours require extra precautions and preparations. Diva Dude Roy has been helping Jessica and Jonathan in their long search. This week is the closing week for their new home Greenwood. It was the eighth house they made an offer on in their home buying journey.

Read the full article in Seattle Met here.


Safely Buy Home Seattle Coronavirus

Safely Buy Home Seattle Coronavirus

Buying a home During Coronavirus can be scary. Buying a home while competing in multiple offers is also intense. To help many Seattle home buyers we put together a specific guide on how to buy a house during a global pandemic. 

Thank you, Jessica and Jonathan, for sharing your story. Persistence and perseverance will help you get ahead in this market. Congratulations on your new home. And big thanks to Seattle Met for sharing our client’s home buying journey during a global pandemic.

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