Top Seattle Real Estate Agents: Team Diva Makes Presidents Elite List for 2018

Top Seattle Real Estate Agents: Team Diva Makes Presidents Elite List for 2018

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Team Diva made it into one of the top slots at Coldwell Banker Bain while managing a massive change on the home front. The team came through and really supported our Diva Dwellers, each other and the Divas.

Wow – we just received the news that Team Diva is considered Top Seattle Real Estate Agents due to our production. Coldwell Banker just announced that Team Diva made the International President’s Elite designation for Teams. Basically, we are in the top 8% of  real estate producers in the nation in Coldwell Banker.

The Divas want to specifically thank our Team Diva Veterans and Top Seattle Real Estate Agents Rocky and Roy. Both celebrated five years as licensed Seattle real estate brokers. And a big thanks to Michael. Michael transitioned from office manager to Listing Manager in 2018 by becoming a licensed broker in Seattle. Michael’s work was key to winning and supporting many of our award-winning listings. We also added a new team member in 2018, Remington Stokes, who came out strong as the team’s rookie team member

It is also really important to note that the Original Diva Kim V. Colaprete really supported and carried the team while Chavi managed some very intense personal family issues. Which also meant becoming sudden parents to a tween over the summer last year. The process of learning how to be parents, while dealing with a market slip during the Midterms Elections may have been more challenging than the recession. At least during the recession, we could have thrown ourselves into work 100%. But this time around the Divas were only able to work between 9am and 3pm to match up with school schedules.

Through all of this, it is really gratifying to know we did so well and served such an amazing group of clients. THANK YOU!

What Is International President’s Elite Team and How Does That Make Team Diva Top Seattle Real Estate Agents?

Team Diva picking up their International President’s Elite Award (Rocky not pictured but a key part of our work)

Basically, in Coldwell Banker’s network, a team that receives an International President’s Elite Team designation is one of 142 teams or the top 8% of all sales associate/representative teams in U.S. and Canada. Majority of these teams are large 20+ person teams or work in extremely expensive luxury markets. The fact that we made this list and there is only six of us is amazing. In addition, we did this while closing homes slightly below the city average. In layman’s words meaning that we work with a lot of first time home buyers and sellers. We serve a wide variety of folx. People who have incredibly stunning homes and appreciate our intense marketing approach all of the way to someone buying their first home in Burien.

Coldwell Banker Bain Wins Top Affiliate in Coldwell Banker’s Network

Coldwell Banker International President’s Elite – For Teams

The news comes along with awards for our entire home office. Coldwell Banker Bain earned the Coldwell Banker Chairman’s Circle designation for outstanding performance in volume, ranking as a top network affiliate out of 3,000 offices in 48 countries. The company achieved a total sales volume of nearly $6 billion in 2018. Not only that, CB Bain was recognized as being the #1 affiliate in Washington State for Closed Adjusted Gross Income AND the #1 affiliate in North America for Closed Adjusted Gross Commission Income and Total Units.

Coldwell Banker Bain’s COO and president Mike Grady, at our home office offered called the award “a testament to [our agents’] knowledge, expertise, and reputation for excellence in servicing their clients,” he added. Well, we could not agree more.

Big Thanks All Around to Our Top Seattle Real Estate Agents – The Diva Dudes

Thank you to our whole team for making some real estate magic happen. 2018 was a transitional year filled with surprises. The team took all of these surprises and turned it into real estate magic. THANK YOU!

Team Diva

Team Diva

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