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The Luma – The Best New Construction Building of the Last Decade

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The Luma – The Best New Construction Building of the Last Decade

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The Luma Condominium is one of the best new construction buildings of the last decade. The Luma is perfectly located, amenities & the layouts are perfection.

Luma Condos is one of the best new construction buildings in the last decade. The Luma Condos are perfectly located, have incredible amenities, the layouts are perfect for how people live in urban areas now. I distinctly remember touring new construction buildings during the recession and thinking to myself “Nice kitchen but where are you suppose to put a couch in this space?” The Luma Condos were one of the few highrise condo buildings built after the great recession. It was so refreshing to walk in and have modern amenities like the rooftop deck, entertaining space you can reserve (for bigger dinner parties), and the layout of the actual home is in proportion to how real people live. Hands down we at Team Diva think that the Luma Condos is one of the best new construction buildings of the last decade.

Why Does Team Diva Think the Luma Condos is One of the Best New Construction Buildings in Seattle?

The Luma is Located on the Edge of Pike/Pine in Capitol Hill in the Quiet Spot of First Hill

The location of the Luma is on the edge of Capitol Hill. One can scoot down the hill and enjoy Capitol Hill’s burgeoning dining scene, see a show, shop, and be a big part of Seattle’s urban core. Technically the Luma is located in First Hill on a tree-lined street. It is tucked away from the core of Capitol Hill but still a quick jaunt to our favorite spots. You will often see Luma residents at Optimism Brewery, the Garage, and when celebrating you will see the Divas at Lark.

Let’s talk about your commute. The Luma is an easy commute to downtown Seattle, eastside tech hubs, or if you work in healthcare you are easy walking distance to the healthcare facilities on Madison.

Luma Amenities and Care of the Building Are One of the Best in Seattle

The amenities at the Luma are stunning. Our videographer kept talking about the hot tub on the rooftop deck. Basically imagine yourself perched over the city, in a hot tub with your crew, after a nice long hike. The rooftop deck also has a clubhouse that cannot be missed. The Luma is one of the few buildings that has a dining room that you can reserve for your own parties.

All of this comes with a 24-hour concierge. Now a concierge might not seem like a big deal. But on Capitol Hill/First Hill there are very few buildings that have concierge services. In fact, I can think of only two other buildings that have concierges and both of them were built before the year 2000.

The “amenity” Team Diva likes to look at is the financial health of a building. Pop on over to our blog and read some key points about what we look for in a building when we are advising our condo buyers. The Luma is in great shape from our checklist point of view. Over 75% of the residents are owners. This gives the building stability in case of a down market. A building with too many investors or renters will decrease in value quickly as people bail out of a soft market. The board is active and has a really good property management company managing the work at the building. This is critical. As soon as someone decides to short change a major project that is when the residents need to foot a huge bill down the road for a roof, siding, parking garage, plumbing, etc…

The Layout of the Individual Homes at the Luma Are Perfectly Proportioned

Luma Condominium Layouts are Some of the Best in the City
Luma Condominium Layouts are Some of the Best in the City

The best part about the Luma Condominium project is the layout of the kitchen to the living space is within proportion. So many buildings have tiny little kitchens and massive living spaces. Or a huge kitchen and no room for a couch in the living room. It can be super frustrating for homebuyers who are obsessed with design, like to entertain, and still want their own cozy space for bingeing one’s favorite shows. The layout at the Luma is designed and proportioned to how we live now. Meaning many of the residents work long hours, still want to feel good when they come home, and on the weekends be able to entertain a few people. The other highlight is that it has air conditioning (stop the presses) and a gas stove (very few buildings have gas ranges).

Our Diva Dwellers (aka Condo Home Sellers) went the extra mile and upgraded the space. Both the hall and the bedroom have California Closets for modern storage.

And our favorite part Smart Home Features controlled by Google Home.

  • Lutron Switches in Kitchen and Living Room (lights on)
  • Lutron Electric Blinds (blinds up)
  • Nest System

The Luma is our favorite building from the last decade because of its layouts, location, and the amenities of the building. Want to know more about owning your own condo at the Luma? Pop on over to our blog about How to Buy a Condo in Seattle.

Condos in Seattle - 4 Quick Points for Buyers
Condos in Seattle – 4 Quick Points for Buyers

Buying a Condo In Seattle: Key Quick Points to Keep in Mind

The Luma has so many details that we adore. Specifically, we love the location, the amenities of the building, and the individual layouts of the condos at the Luma. This weekend our team will be out in force doing open houses at the Luma. Details below.

Neighborhood: First Hill
Address: 1321 Seneca St #904
Offering Price: $585,000
More Information: After the jump >>

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