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Reminder to all in Divaland - Its time to vote - and why are you voting and this November 2022 election

Team Diva Seattle Election Guide 2022

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Team Diva Seattle Election Guide 2022

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What does producing a Seattle Election Guide for 2022 has to do with real estate? Every year we create an election guide for our Seattle Divaland folks. And the reason why elections are important is that those who are in charge create housing policy. Does anyone want to talk about the lack of urban density or affordable housing in Seattle? Then let’s talk about who we have elected. And frankly, as Seattle’s most diverse real estate team, we care about who is representing our community. Our team lives here. We care about the environment. And some of us are raising trans kids.

These things are all hot topics, not to mention the fact that Roe v Wade has been overturned. Who funded the races for anti-choice candidates? A lot of business groups have given money to these races.

Additionally, we are the only real estate group to produce an election guide. Elections matter. Our community matters. And your vote matters the most. 

The most important thing to remember is to vote on Tuesday, November 8th!!!

Before You Start, Get Your Election Goodies Prepped

Team Diva’s Seattle Election Guide 2022 

We created this Seattle Election Guide for 2022 based on candidates’ positions on these specific issues:

Pro-Abortion Rights

Pro-LGBTQ Rights

Pro-Housing Affordability

This might seem simple… but it’s strangely complicated. The following guide is going to be a quick list. That is, except for a few key races that are extremely important and we want you to pay attention. And donate if you can!

Local Races We Are Watching Closely and Supporting

Normally we would dive into each of the races that are local. But the following people need your vote, your donations, and for you to get out there and support them this weekend. 

Federal Races

Patty Murray – US Senator

The fact that this is potentially a close race is really upsetting. 

Dr. Kim Schrier – US Representative District No. 8

This is one of the most contested races in the country. Congressperson Dr. Kim Schrier was redistricted and it makes zero sense. Please donate and support this race with everything you have!

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez – US Representative District No. 3

This amazing person is running against a conspiracy-laden crazy person in the 3rd district. Let’s just say he thinks January 6th was acceptable. Kim and Chavi donated money to this race and will be watching it closely. 

State Races

Secretary of State – Julie Anderson

Gasp! Why are we choosing the non-partisan person for this position over the hardcore Democrat? We are even going against The Seattle Times and The Stranger endorsements. Why? Well, we reached out to several of our friends who have worked with Julie Anderson and those who are deep into wanting a functional government. This is what they had to say:

  • “Anderson has been around for ages and has way more experience, but in many ways, she’s also more progressive than Hobbs.” – Michael K. 
  • “Julie is, in my opinion, the right person for the job in a political system with no room for nuance.” – MM
26th Legislative District State Senator Emily Randall

Senator Randall won this race by only 108 votes in 2018’s blue wave. She is running against someone who is an election conspiracy theorist and is against mail-in ballots. This guy can not win this district. And he is deeply anti-choice. Meanwhile, Senator Randall has actually done amazing work to bring home benefits to many working-class folx in her district. (Just as a note, the Divas also donated to her campaign.)

37th Legislative District Rep. No. 2 – Chipalo Street 

The 37th district is where many of us on Team Diva live. And this one was tough. For some of us, the idea of voting for a landlord who works at Microsoft seemed like a stretch. We did a ton of research and talked to our more knowledgeable friends. And in the end, the best person for this position is Chipalo Street. 

47th Legislative District State Senator Claudia Kauffman

The 47th district is one of the hottest state races. It includes parts of Kent and Auburn which have increasingly become more diverse as housing affordability remains an issue in and around Seattle. The Divas donated to Claudia’s campaign and will be watching this race closely. 

Seattle and Tacoma City Races and Propositions

City of Seattle Proposition #1B – Vote Yes for Ranked Choice Voting!

This one is tough. The Seattle Times endorsed a “no” vote because it upsets the system. The Stranger didn’t think it was perfect enough and also urged a “no” vote. However, ranked choice voting gives people the progress they most want to see. The Urbanist and the Progressive Voters Guide encourage a “yes.” And of course, we reached out to our well-informed voting friends, and they support this change. The reason we are supporting this change is that many of us want and love a specific candidate. But vote for the more “practical” candidate to make sure we get 60% of our issues addressed.

Sergio Flores, Candidate for Tacoma Municipal Court Pos. 3

Tacoma Diva Dwellers, please vote for Sergio Flores. On a personal note, we have met Sergio and he is a deeply committed human who wants to help people. Sergio is also BIPOC and LGBTQ running for a position that will have a huge influence for years to come. Sergio wants to set up a community court in Tacoma similar to the one he created in Auburn. This approach means that those who are the most vulnerable and need treatment will get that treatment. We all know that the current system of drug addiction to jail to the streets is not doing any of our communities any good. 

The Rest of the Seattle Election Guide for 2022

Here is the quick cheat sheet for the rest of the issues and candidates that are up on our ballots:


Advisory Vote 39 – Maintained

Advisory Vote 40 – Maintained


Charter Amendment No. 1 – Approved

Position No 1 – Approved


Patty Murray – US Senator

Susan DelBene – Congressional District No. 1

Pramila Jayapal – Congressional District No. 7

Kim Schrier – Congressional District No. 8

Adam Smith – Congressional District No. 9


Secretary of State – Julie Anderson
5th Legislative District
  • Bill Ramos – Rep No. 1
  • Lisa Callan – Rep No. 2
11th Legislative District
  • David Hackney – Rep No. 1 
  • Steve Bergquist – Rep No. 2
30th Legislative District
  • Claire Wilson – State Senator
  • Jamila E. Taylor – Rep No. 1
  • Kristine Reeves – Rep No. 2
32nd Legislative District
  • Jesse Salomon – State Senator
  • Cindy Ryu – Rep No. 1
  • Lauren Davis – Rep No. 2
33rd Legislative District
  • Karen Keiser – State Senator
34th Legislative District
  • Joe Nguyen – State Senator
  • Emily Alvarado – Rep. No. 1
  • Joe Fitzgibbon – Rep. No. 2
36th Legislative District
  • Noel Frame – State Senator
  • Julia G. Reed – Rep. No. 1
37th Legislative District
  • Sharon Tomiko Santos – Rep. No. 1
  • Chipalo Street – Rep. No. 2
41st Legislative District
  • Tana Senn – Rep. Pos. No. 1
  • My-Linh T. Thai – Rep. Pos. No. 2 
45th Legislative District
  • Manka Dhingra – State Senator
  • Roger Goodman – Rep. Pos. No. 1
  • Larry Springer – Rep. Pos. No. 2
46th Legislative District
  • Javier Valdez – State Senator
  • Darya Favrivar – Rep. Pos. No. 2
47th Legislative District
  • Claudia Kauffman – State Senator
  • Debra Jean Entenman – Rep. No. 1
  • Shukri Olow – Rep. No. 2
48th Legislative District
  • Patty Kuderer – State Senator

State Supreme Court

  • Mary Yu – Justice Position #1
  • Barbara Madsen – Justice Position #5
  • Helen Whitener – Justice Position #6


Leesa Manion – Prosecuting Attorney

District Court

Michael Finkle

City of Seattle Municipal Court

  • Pooja Vaddadi – Judge Position No. 3
  • Damon Shadid – Judge Position No. 7

Seattle Ballot Measures

City Proposition #1B – Vote Yes

Thank You For Reading Our Seattle Election Guide 2022

You know how important voting and local elections are to Team Diva. Who you vote for and how you vote have a huge influence on the type of resources our community receives. Your vote impacts the type of democracy we want to live in. And most importantly, it affects how we can work towards a better society for everyone. Not just those who are very wealthy. 

Resources We Used to Develop This Guide

Check out our previous election guides and political endorsements. 

And remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022!

Alyssa Christensen

Alyssa Christensen

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