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Getting 10% Over Asking on our Capitol Hill Diva Dwellings

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Getting 10% Over Asking on our Capitol Hill Diva Dwellings

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Yep you heard it right. Team Diva is getting 10% over asking on average for our Capitol Hill Diva Dwellings. Meaning we are selling our Capitol Hill listings for 9.72% (over 10% for condos) more than asking. Not to brag but we work our Diva booties off to make sure our Diva Dwellings shine way more than the competition. And the reason why —  we learned a lot of good lessons during the recession. Coming out of that experience we know you have to put all of your chips in (both the seller and our team) to make sure you maximize you results in any market.

Right now the Capitol Hill average is about 3%  over asking. Yeah you can put a sign out on the porch, take some photos with your smart phone, and you will sell a home for over asking.

But why just do it the same old way when you can do it the Diva Difference way? Meaning your home can sell for 10% over asking and a full 6% higher than the market average!

What is the Diva Difference? Pretty simple. Fix what’s broken, make it look stunning, and market the HECK out of the home. We here at Team Diva go beyond just your basic photos, MLS listing, and lame social media. For every Diva Dwelling we have a huge marketing rollout process. And guess what. Your clients reap the rewards of their hard work!

Diva Difference

Stunning Professional Photography: Most listing brokers only have 15 photos online. We specifically ask for 25 or more photos. We know these babies are going to be syndicated through our Coldwell Banker Bain system to over 20 websites. We want ourDiva Dwellings to be captivating!

A Mini Movie for Every Home (regardless of the price point)You will see the Divas and/or one of our team members describing why thisDiva Dwellings is just delish. It make you want to watch the video over and over again!

A Team Diva Listing PageWe detail all of the nuggets about theDiva Dwellings, the location, the neighborhood, a ton of videos, and everything else that makes this place fabulous!
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Super Savvy Email Marketing Using Emma (not to just our peeps but also a select group of brokers who sell actual homes in the area). The email is clickable and interactive. Not one of those boring PDF flyers that are sent to a bazillion spam filters. Nope – these are brokers we have either worked with, shown ourDiva Dwellings, and/or have brought their buyers to the area we are targeting.

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A Just Listed Blog | Detailing out the top five reasons one should run to this Diva Dwellings. The blog give us the opportunity to brag about why this home is in the perfect location, is super awesome, and generally the best thing on the market this week!

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Social Media: Ok – everyone knows that Kim was named by Inman News as one of the Top 100 people in social media, blogging, and marketing back in 2013. So you know we know what we are going. Well we have just gotten better with targeted Facebook ads, promoted posts, twitter that is sassy and interactive, Google+ goodness, and more!

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Move to Capitol Hill Blog | Yep for our Capitol HillDiva Dwellings we even have a second blog where your home gets EVEN more SEO goodness!

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So now you know why Team Diva gets 10%  over asking for our Diva Dwellings. It is all of the extra touches. But as a side note. Not only are we getting good multiples offers we are also getting the highest price per square footage for some listings. And specifically for the Plaza Del Sol we sold our studio for more money than any other studio on Capitol Hill!

We are here to help. Our team understands that this process can take a year or two. And we are more than willing to give you a personalized plan to get the ball rolling. Feel free to contact us directly at thediva@teamedivarealestate.com or call/text 206-271-0264.

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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