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Get Out There and Get a Seattle Memorial Day Sunburn

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Get Out There and Get a Seattle Memorial Day Sunburn

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Yes! It’s finally happening. The warmth of spring is upon us and the start of summer is around the corner. We’re going to make the most of this Memorial Day as we head into Pride Month (also known as June). What are you going to do to celebrate the sunshine? We have plenty of ideas to steer you right. And frankly, it is time you got your own Seattle Memorial Day Sunburn.


Play in the Dirt

Some Diva Dwellers out there have already been diligently sowing seedlings in their victory gardens. For many of us, however, the rainy and cold spring kept us from getting motivated. The good news is that this is still a prime time to plant certain crops that we love.

We refer to the trusty farmer’s almanac for garden guidance. Are you all about aubergine? Now is the time to plant it. Do onions make you cry (with joy)? Get ’em growing. Are you mad for melons? Sow now for gorgeous gourds in late summer. Speaking of gourds, it’s also the right time to plant pumpkins. Other P’s to plant: Peppers, Potatoes, and…Peas!

Check out this handy PDF from the farmer’s almanac for reference.


Picnics, Barbecue, and BARBECUE

The Memorial Day weekend barbecue is a tradition for many. There is nothing like getting your Seattle sunburn while toasting some weiners on the grill. Outdoor grilling lot easier if your home has a great patio or garden, or if you live in a building with shared grills on the rooftop. There is also an abundance of public grill facilities in Seattle Parks. These are often reserved, so it’s best to plan far in advance. Find out about reservations online.

In case you can’t get a reserved spot, you can always prepare a picnic at home and head out. There are no shortage of first-come-first-served picnic tables at the parks, and if you have a good blanket, you can go anywhere. We highly recommend the Washington State Arboretum, which is gorgeous year round. This year, its massive rhododendron garden is blooming late, so there will be abundant spring color.

And then, once you are full up, go take in a different sort of barbecue. Intiman Theatre‘s new production BARBECUE opens June 1st at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center.

BARBECUE is a raucous and fearless take on the classic American family story in a way not seen before onstage. The O’Mallerys have gathered in their local park to share some barbecue and straight talk with their sister Barbara, whose spiral of drugs and recklessness has forced her siblings to stage an open-air intervention. With the whiskey flowing, family dysfunction and stereotypes collide as the play poses the question: Is family worse than addiction?

Get tickets online.

Dine Out Al Fresco

Outdoor dining is a great way for the Seattle sunburn to sneak up on you. You are just sitting there so happy that it is not raining and then suddenly one of your arms is burning while the other remains pale. Last year, we highlighted a number of waterfront dining spots around town. Our recommendations still stand, so check out that list here.

Last year, we highlighted a number of waterfront dining spots around town. Our recommendations still stand, so check out that list here.

Summer in Seattle: Waterfront Dining Around the City

Meanwhile, there are lots of great patios that have been begging to be used for months. There time has come. That includes the great view of the Olympics and Space Needle at The Lookout and the sweet enclosed patio space at the recently opened Harry’s Fine Foods, both on Bellevue Ave E in Capitol Hill.

Are we only thinking about Capitol Hill? Of course not! The Innkeeper in Belltown has a patio that still feels like a best-kept secret. Ciudad in Georgetown serves up fire-grilled freshness in a cool, open space. You can nosh on rotisserie chicken in an enclosed patio at Big Chickie in Hillman City. Or have a bellissimo Italian feast on the patio at Serafina in Eastlake. Use the good weather to get motivated to explore the activities and neighborhoods in your city, and then stick around for the food.


Soak in the Sun

“Sun’s out; buns out!” We’ve already seen dozens of posts from friends taking off from work early (or even taking a mental health day) to go grab some much needed Vitamin D. Did you notice on Monday everyone had that special toasty glow about them. Yep they went OUTSIDE! A lot of our pals head to Lake Washington, where there’s a beach for everyone. Mixed crowds and families gather in

A lot of our pals head to Lake Washington, where there’s a beach for everyone. Mixed crowds and families gather in Leschi and the east end of Madrona. Down in Madison Beach near the restaurants and retail, you’ll find scores of young sunbathers. Go a little further out and you’ll find the clothing optional areas. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you have kids to think of, there are plenty of parks with water elements for the young ones. Check out the list of spray parks and wading pools on the Seattle Parks website. And of course, there’s the out-of-this-world International Fountain at Seattle Center if you and the fam want to get soaked.


Hide from the Sun?

Some of you find the whole Seattle Sunburn a bit of nuisance and prefer your inside fun. It is Seattle and you have you have options. Immerse yourself in other cultures (and lots of darkness) by taking in a film (or three) at Seattle International Film Festival, running through June 11. It’s the largest film festival in North America, so you have plenty to pick from. You can browse by dozens of categories, too, such as Road Movie or French Language, according to your mood. La lengua de la cinema es universal.

Speaking of arty films, The Frye Art Museum just opened a new show by artist Amie Siegel. The main galleries are all dark, showing various films and installations by Siegel. It’s a cool, slowly unfolding exhibition that comments on the art world itself. Afterwards, you can stay in First Hill and go have a cocktail in the old school interior of the Sorrento Hotel, or on their patio, if you are ready for some sun at last.

One last bit! Our annual Divas Take the Hill Party has been a huge success and a fun way to kick off Pride Week. This year, in light of actions by the Republican administration and pivotal midterms elections on the way, we’re doing something different…

Save the Date for “Divas Take America”

On July 16, we’ll be throwing a brand new summer party. More details are forthcoming, but save the date now.

Happy summer, Divaland!

Team Diva

Team Diva

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