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Woodinville Barns And The People Who Love Them

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Woodinville Barns And The People Who Love Them

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The number one reason to move out of your cramped suburban house or the city is to get land and get yourself a real barn for critters or big boy and girls toys. Woodinville Barns are part of the culture and a must have if you have any type of acreage.

One of the biggest joys I have experienced driving to Woodinville every week is checking out all of the barns on the drive. As a former country kid, I spent a ton of my summers playing in the hayloft and creating barn forts among my family’s vintage cars parked in the barn. I have no doubt that the kids in Woodinville are probably having their own shenanigans in their various barns. The Woodinville barns are varied. Some for horses. Some for critters. Some for storage. And some for the sheer fun of having a barn. Now let’s chat about our Woodinville Homestead’s EPIC barn.

Diva Dwelling Woodinville Homestead Barn Details

Every time we host an open house at our Woodinville Homestead the number one question we get is about the barn. This Woodinville Barn is simply scrumptious with storage, creative space, work from home opportunity, have horses, or just safely store all of your big boy and girl toys from prying eyes.

The Barn Details

  • 2,200 SqFt
  • Complete with Bathroom, Loft, Entry Gate, and New Garage Doors
  • Hot Water Heater in Bathroom
  • Four Horse Stalls Easily Fit on Each Side of the Eye Beams
  • Potential Wash Rack Setup in the Shop
  • Cement Pad with Drain
  • Two Steel Eye Beams with an Overhead Crane System For Heavy Projects
  • Wood Burning Stove for Heating
  • Separate Power Meter & Panel
  • 110, 220, 240, and 480 Voltage Possibilities in Shop
  • Covered Overhang with a Loft Offering Endless Possibilities
  • Convert Internal Loft into Office, Living Space, or Hay Loft
  • Two Roll Up Garage Doors and Two Double Barn Doors on Each End for RV or Trailer Pull-Through

Check Out the Flyer

Download the flyer Woodinville – BARN 18810 236th Ave NE to as a reference before venturing out to see the barn in person with your real estate broker or by calling the Divas directly.

More About Homesteading and Living the Sweet Life in Woodinville

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Check out how to live the sweet life in our amazing Woodinville Homestead. Including growing your own veggies, the chicken palace, the ridiculously glorious kitchen, the spacious lofted Woodinville Barn, the amazing schools, and the simple fact that this area of Woodinville is way less expensive than Seattle or the south section of Woodinville. Your money goes farther for a far superior house and land.


Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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