Velocity is Burning | Money Raised + a Bird of a Time

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The Divas want to send out a huge thanks to all of you who came out to support Velocity Dance Center at the Next Fest NW kickoff last Thursday! The whole event was pure FIRE. We met some fabulous new friends. We watched our fellow Leo, Robbie Turner, take control of the limelight and bring out all of our inner Divas. We saw some break-taking performances by Velocity birds and warrior princesses. We had chocolate bon bons melting in our mouths as Miss Kitty Baby shimmied all around the floor. We even had a last minute Kiki with Miss DonnaTella Howe. By the end of the night, everyone at the Cabaret was stunned.

Not only did the event bring together a wild group of performers and art junkies, but it also racked up funds to continue Velocity’s work in the dance community. By the end of the evening, Velocity Is Burning! had raised a total of $2,200. As if that wasn’t a large accomplishment, a Velocity enthusiast then decided to make a matching donation, bringing the final numbers to $4,400 in support of Velocity Dance Center and the art of dance in general. A huge congratulations and thank you to all who made that accomplishment possible.

If you didn’t make it or if you just want to relive the awesomeness of the evening, check out this video below. One of the favorites of the night were the absurd birds, a performance put together by Annie McGhee and Rachel Grant. Many thanks to the fabulous vounteer, Miz Liz Barlow, who caught them on video to provide laughs and squawks for all!

Check out the rest of the photos from the event on the Team Diva Facebook Page!


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