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Team Diva is for Voting for Hillary Clinton for President

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Team Diva is for Voting for Hillary Clinton for President

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We are with her!

For past couple of weeks, it has been fascinating to watch the Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump campaigns. Not because Trump is such a loud-mouthed narcissistic media hog. But because of the positive impact Hillary Clinton’s campaign has had on our Divaland community and the amazing achievements she will have as President of the United States. We’ve spent many an evening socializing with our clients this past year and chatting about the election. All of them have a direct stake in the outcome. One of newest Diva Dwellers is a recent immigrant to the United States. He is gay and his home country is far from gay-friendly. He is working diligently through our country’s bureaucratic system to become a citizen and live the life that many of us take for granted. Another client just turned 18 and this is her first time ever voting for our future POTUS. The idea of a women President is awe inspiring for her.  And yet another one of our clients is from a mixed heritage background. We were chatting over dinner about how having Hillary has President means he can walk through life knowing he is protected and respected like any other citizen. We stand for our Divaland community and we are voting for Hillary Clinton.

Here is the deal. In this election, you have two  viable choices. Angry White Trump or Hillary Clinton! Not voting is a vote. It’s a vote for Trump. Voting for a third party candidate – also is a vote for Trump. Plain and simple. If you want to preserve our rights as women, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community, our access to health care, our dignity and diplomacy in the world and keep our economy strong, then you need to vote for Hillary Clinton!

Kim and I want to take some time out and explain why we are 100% with Hillary Clinton #ImWithHer 

Women’s Rights are Everyone’s Rights

No woman should be forced into a situation where they have to accept sexual advances in order to keep her job because the person making them is “rich and famous”. And no this is not “locker room banter.”  This is sexual predator talk. No wonder why our 18 year old Diva Dweller is so excited to vote. She just might be able to live in a society where women are truly equal and treated with respect. Hillary is for Women’s rights!

The Right to Be a Happily Married Lesbian Couple 

The Supreme Court approved Gay Marriage for everyone in America. Not just those of us who are lucky enough to live in a “Blue State.” Marriage Equality allows us the simple human right of being a legal couple after EIGHTEEN years of togetherness. Trump has made it clear that he would put people on the Supreme Court that would try to overturn this ruling and push Marriage Equality back to the states. Guess what – we love being married and we want our LGBTQ friends in Louisiana and other Red states to have the same access to equality rights as we have. Hillary (like many people of our generation) has come a long way for LGBTQ rights. And she is strong supporter of Marriage Equality!

Access to Obama Care

Chavi is still healing from her recent hysterectomy. The only reason we were able to get her this life-changing operation is because we are on Obamacare. Team Diva’s ability to keep the business running for our clients and our team would have been severely compromised if we did not have affordable healthcare insurance. We would have had to gut all of our savings in order to pay for the surgery. Or worse, Chavi would have had to go without this surgery and potential incur future health problem down the road. No one should be denied access to affordable health insurance for political reasons. Trump has clearly said he intends to repeal Obamacare. Hillary has long fought for access to affordable healthcare!

Access to Birth Control, Women’s Health Care, and Abortion Rights

Chavi HAD to go on birth control before her surgery. A Trump/Pense ticket has made it clear that a woman’s right to healthcare would be in SEVERE jeopardy. Trump has even gone as far to say that women who have abortions should face “punishment.” Chavi’s grandmother was raised catholic and found herself in an abusive marriage. She also found out that she was pregnant and had no way of supporting another pregnancy much less another child. At the time she was forced to have an illegal abortion at a friend’s house. May no woman have to experience what Chavi’s grandmother experienced. Hillary is for women’s access to safe reproductive health care!

Allowing Our Muslim Friends To Continue Her Business in Peace

The anti-Muslim rhetoric is horrifying in our country right now. Our friend and her family have been in Washington state longer than most of us. They are part of our thriving local business community. And we will be damn if someone is going to harm their right to provide jobs, give back to charity, and support the fabric that is our multicultural nation. Hillary promotes a rational immigration policy. One that does not demonize an entire religion or cultural.

Allowing Our Latina Client’s Mom the Right to Stay in this Country

Many of us are children of immigrants. Unless you are a Native American you are a child, grandchild, or a great-grandchild of an immigrant. Or your family was brought here against their will on a slave boat. Imagine your mother being forced to return to her birth country. That is the world that our client’s mother could face with a Trump Presidency. Hillary supports an accessible path to citizenship for our friends who have been in this country for years!

Our Mixed Heritage Kids Growing Up in Peace

Stop and frisk is a racist practice with no proven success! Many of our African American or mixed race male friends have been pulled over by the police just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or driving the “wrong type” of care. Meanwhile, those of us who have the privilege of being white do not know what it is like to be harassed, “feared” or profiled just because of the color of our skin. We want our friends’ kids to grow up in an environment where people respect the police and the police respect everyone in their community. Stop and Frisk is a continuation of ingrained racism against a largely Black and Brown and, often, economically disadvantaged population. Hillary is for criminal justice reform, not continued racist practices!

Access to a Living Wage

Many of our friends grew up in extremely poor areas in the country and there are still many family struggling to stay above poverty throughout our country. Think about making minimum wage and trying to live in Seattle right now? It is impossible! Why wouldn’t we all want hard working American’s to make a wage where they can support themselves and their families? Hillary supports raising the Federal minimum wage to $12 and a $15 minimum in states and cities that can afford it!

Nieces and Nephews Have Affordable Access to Higher Education

Our great hope is that our nieces and nephews can make a better life for themselves and go to college. But we do not want them to end up with an extreme amount of student debt that prevents them from buying houses, starting businesses, or living the American dream. The boomers who came before us barely had to pay what our millennials friends and clients are paying for their education. Why is this fair? Why wouldn’t we want to give the younger generation a chance to live the American dream? Hillary is for a debt free college education!

Reasonable Gun Ownership

We live in what is considered a high crime neighborhood. About a mile away from our house there is often gang on gang gunfights. During the summer we joke “Is that a gunshot or is that a firework”. What if we lived in a world where we didn’t have to make those jokes to our dinner guests? Hunting and self-protection are not the same thing as owning a semi-automatic gun that can shoot up a club like Pulse in Orlando. Hillary is for reasonable gun ownership!

Team Diva is with Hillary Clinton a 100% . We are with Hillary for all of the reasons above and more. We refuse to be silent, sit back and let a Trump/Pense ticket END the progress we have made under Obama for the last eight years. Please join us in supporting Hillary by the following ways:


Big and small donations make sure Hillary Clinton has the support she needs to get out the vote in key states.


You have until October 10th to get yourself, your neighbor, your dog walker, and everyone else in Washington state registered to vote. That is TOMORROW, MONDAY!  Luckily we live in Washington state where you can register to vote online.



Trump’s presidential candidacy was born at local precincts. Mainstream Republicans used these votes to help them win local governorships, house races, and city council races. This is where the hate was born. The only way we are going to protect our Divaland community is to vote for issues that matter locally.

We are not joking when we say that by not voting for Hillary you ARE voting for Trump/Pense and their racist xenophobic vision for America. We believe in a better America together!


Thank you for supporting the Divas. And thank you for taking the time to make a logical choice in this year’s election!

Team Diva

Team Diva

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