Diva Dwellers Gibson + Ellen

#TBT | Diva Dweller Hall of Fame 2011

#TBT | Diva Dweller Hall of Fame 2011

Jon, Cheech, Tilia, + Alex having some family time

The Upgraders: Alex, Jon, Tilia, + Cheech

This divalicious family has been in the Diva inner circle since, like, forever — okay, well maybe only since 2001, but hey that’s a long time! Diva Kim was there when they found their first home, and the Team was there when they went on to upgrade as their family exploded.  We’ve seen this family grow from just Alex and Jon, to include their beautiful daughter, Tilia, and their cute-as-pie pup, Cheech. Alex is not only the loyal bookkeeper for the Diva Team, but she was also the officiant at the Big Diva Wedding back in September. In 2012 they made the big move, sold their home on 19th, rented and finally found their forever home in Mt. Baker. The Allred’s will always be a central part of the Diva Dweller Community!


Gibson + Ellen in front of their new bakery

The Entrepreneurs: Ellen + Gibson

We met Ellen and Gibson through the fabulous family that we were just talking about — Gibson used to work with Alex, way back when they were both at Archie McPhee’s. They are a creative couple that are so much fun to hang out with, and with impeccable taste to match. So obviously this was a Diva match made in heaven. Speaking of heaven, one day these two came to us and told us that their dream was to move down to Southern Oregon to open their own little piece of heaven called “Buttercloud Bakery.” We were all for it (though we wished it were here so we could enjoy the deliciousness more often). So we enacted our Diva Plan for winning top dollar and sold their house for full price in just four days (AND THIS WAS BACK IN THE HEART OF THE RECESSION)! Now these guys are living their dream and have become a well-known stop off for tourists on their way to Crater Lake. In fact Chavi’s family even stops in at Buttlercloud Bakery when they make the big trip to Medford. We are so lucky to have such dreamers in the Diva Dweller Framily.


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Tom + Jessica celebrate their big day
Little Bailey showing off his fashion sense

The Growing Family: Tom, Jessica, + Bailey

Tom and Jessica might be the smartest, sassiest, and most savvy Diva Dwellers to ever walk through the doors of the DivaHQ! When we first met these two, Jessica was a PhD candidate in the UW Psychology program while Tom was a writer and a chef at Diva favorite, Bistro Baffi. We helped these two find the perfect green-built townhouse right at the intersection of the CD/Madrona/Madison Valley — a gentrifying area at the time. And now its everyone favorite spot to move once they get tired of the Hill. Fast forward a few years and now it’s the perfect house for THREE! Over the years we have been so lucky to stay in contact with Jessica and Tom — we were at their wedding and then we got to meet their adorable son Bailey at the Divas own wedding. We are looking forward to many more years learning and growing with this family!


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Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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