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Diva Dweller Spotlight: Alex, Jon, Tilia + Cheech

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Diva Dweller Spotlight: Alex, Jon, Tilia + Cheech

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Tilia and Cheech Snuggled Together

Team Diva Real Estate has been very lucky over the years to to be invited into people’s lives right when they are starting a new phase in life. We have watched young couples fall in love, become Diva Dwellers, have a baby or two, get a dog, plant a garden and all of the other yummy life milestones. It is truly a blessing to have this incredible experience with so many couples as we all move forward in our own lives.

The Allred’s are exactly this type of  Diva Wall of Famers. Alex and Jon have been in the Diva family since forever – OK – maybe since 2001. Diva Kim helped them find their first home in the Central District. At the time Alex worked at Archie McPhees/Accutraments and later joined 826-Seattle (a Team Diva Community Partner). We spent many magical evenings dining with each other and swapping wine stories. We were guests at their wedding and celebrated fully at the arrival of their daughter Tilia. Just recently we were there when Cheech joined the Allred circle. We have been lucky enough to be introduced to the pals of this magical couple, all of which we consider to be in the Diva Dweller family.

Alex, Jon, Tilia + Cheech’s Diva Story

How did you meet the Divas? We were referred by a loan officer and our closest friends simultaneously!

What type of home did you purchase? A late 1800’s farmhouse with a kick-ass sense of humor

What was your first “OMG” house moment? When we saw the house for the first time.  We walked in and Alex burst into tears so we knew it was the right house

What is your greatest home extravagance? The fridge!  It’s freaking amazing. One word: Express defrost/chill drawer!

What is in your junk drawer? Mostly menus from places that don’t deliver to our ‘hood anymore. But also a dainty screwdriver/hammer combo, silicon roasting ties, a potato masher and 49 pens.

Would you rather:

  • mow lawn / paint the fence: Mow the Lawn
  • untangle computer cords / sort socks: Sort Socks
  • test the smoke detectors / fix squeaky doors: Smoke Detectors
  • plunge the toilet / clean out the refrigerator: Clean Fridge
  • clean the gutters / take down holiday decorations: Take Down Decorations
What is Your Favorite Hood Spot: We love Tougo and Soho Coffee. We go to Pratt Park almost every week when it’s nice.
What is your favorite local organization/non-profit? Alex works for 826-Seattle and Jon works at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center so we are a very non-profit centric household!

What do you love the most about your house? Its personality!  The fireplace we installed!  The garden that our friend and Diva Dweller Adam tends for us! The weeping willow in front! What’s not to love?

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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