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View of Seattle Space Needle with water fountain in the foreground and public park.

Seattle Neighborhood Guide: Queen Anne

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Seattle Neighborhood Guide: Queen Anne

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Queen Anne includes smaller neighborhoods like Lower Queen Anne, Upper Queen Anne, Uptown Arts & Culture District, and more. 

What’s it like to live in Queen Anne? This quintessential Seattle neighborhood is on a hill just north of Downtown and Belltown. It also offers the iconic “Frasier view” of the city. Here you’ll find plenty of opportunities to see live performances, enjoy destination dining, and take in amazing views of Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and more. This neighborhood is extremely well-connected and offers tons of bus lines running in every direction. And, if you’re interested in buying a home in Queen Anne, a single-family home will cost you about $1.8 million whereas a condo will cost you about $560,000. 

Check Out Our Guide of This Awesome Neighborhood

I’m Hannah Wilson-Willard with Team Diva at Coldwell Banker Bain. Thank you for exploring this neighborhood with me. Let’s dive in and explore this quintessential Seattle neighborhood! 

Seattle Neighborhood Guide: Queen Anne

I’m Hannah Wilson-Willard with Team Diva at Coldwell Banker Bain. I moved to Queen Anne 10 years ago. And back in 2019, I bought my first home close to here. So you can say I’m a bit of a local. Today I am going to chat with you all about the various micro-neighborhoods in this neighborhood. I will also share with you a few of my favorite hangouts, I’ll talk schools, and of course, real estate. 

Map of Queen Anne

A few of Hannah’s favorite places in Queen Anne.

First off, where is Queen Anne in reference to the other neighborhoods in Seattle? It is technically a hill that is one of seven in Seattle. It is located just north of the Downtown/Belltown area. This area has some incredible views. For example, Kerry Park shows off that “Frasier view” of Seattle. You know, the view of Downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier, and of course the Space Needle. When people think about this neighborhood, this is the view they think about.  

All Of The Micro-Neighborhoods

When many people hear “Queen Anne,” they just think about Upper and Lower Queen Anne. But it is actually made up of several micro-neighborhoods: 

  • Lower Queen Anne: Immediately north of Belltown, you will find Lower Queen Anne.
  • Uptown: A bit further north and just west of Lower Queen Anne is a little pocket neighborhood called Uptown, also known as the Uptown Arts and Culture District. This encompasses the Seattle Center, the KEXP radio station, the Opera and Ballet, and other performance venues. 
  • Upper Queen Anne: Following Queen Anne Ave N up the hill, you will reach the quiet community on top of the hill.
  • Northern Queen Anne: There is also a section of the neighborhood further north, just before you cross the Fremont Bridge, that contains the Seattle Pacific University Campus. 
  • Eastern Slope: The eastern slope of Queen Anne is where you will find those gorgeous South Lake Union views.
  • Western Slope/Interbay: On the west side is where you will find views of Magnolia, Elliott Bay, and the beautiful Olympic Mountains. Yes, you can say this neighborhood probably has the best views in the city!

We also have so much detail about Queen Anne on our website including the types of homes you can buy in the area, our favorite shops, and restaurants. 

My Favorite Things in Queen Anne 

There is a lot to love about this Seattle neighborhood. It is obviously hard to choose favorites! But here are just a few of the spots I love: 

  • Favorite Park: Kerry Park offers timeless views of the city no matter what time of day!
  • Favorite Restaurant: Sal y Limon. You have to stop in for their chorizo queso fundido and their amazing chicken tortilla soup.
  • Favorite Coffee Shop: Sugar Bakery. They have the best sweet treats and really great coffee! 
  • Shop Local Spot: Mud Bay Pet Store, where I spend way too much spoiling my two fur babies. 

Transit in This Area

This is one of the neighborhoods that is extremely well connected to other areas by local transit. We have RapidRide D line which connects you to Ballard all the way to Downtown. There are also bus connections to take you to Fremont and the UDistrict. And of course, there are buses that will take you up and down these many slopes.

Schools in This Awesome Neighborhood

Queen Anne has some of the best elementary schools in the city. And a bunch of our clients has kids at the Center School which is an option high school. As we have chatted about many times before, Seattle has a lot of very dedicated school teachers and folx who are trying to make a difference in our community. Please go beyond the school rating system and really get to know the specific school. And get involved. Be a good advocate for kids who have fewer resources than your kid does. That is the only way we are going to make sure the school systems serve all students and not just those with the most resources. 

Let’s Talk about Queen Anne Real Estate

Western slope Queen Anne modern view modern home

Let’s chat about real estate in this neighborhood. First off, Queen Anne got its name because this was the style of homes that were built in the neighborhood. But now, it has just about every style of home here: condos, townhouses, modern new construction, and of course those classic older homes. Each home is super unique.

How much do homes cost to live here? 

  • The median price for a single-family home in Queen Anne will cost you about $1.8 million
  • The median price for a townhouse in Queen Anne will cost you just over $1 million
  • The median price for a condo in Queen Anne will cost you $560,000

Numbers are from Fall 2022. For more updated numbers check out our neighborhood page on the website. We update it once a year and it will give you a better idea of overall housing costs. Sold prices change all of the time. Just text or call us for the most accurate data for the neighborhood.

Thank You For Checking Out Our Seattle Neighborhood Guide for Queen Anne

Kerry Park City Space Needle View Upper Queen Anne

What’s it like to live in here? This quintessential Seattle neighborhood is just north of Downtown and Belltown and it’s on a hill. This gives it some of the best views in the city, including the iconic “Frasier view.” The neighborhood offers access to tons of live performances and opportunities to enjoy the arts, as well as destination dining. This neighborhood is also very well connected, and you’ll find many bus lines running in every direction, no matter where you want to go. If you’re interested in buying a home in Queen Anne, a single-family home will cost you about $1.8 million whereas a condo will cost you about $560,000. 

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We are here to help. Our team understands that the process of buying and/or selling a home can take a year or two. And we are more than willing to give you a personalized plan to get the ball rolling. Feel free to contact us directly at thediva@teamedivarealestate.com or call/text 206-271-0264.

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