Pride On The Hill

Rocky’s Pride Starts Now

Rocky’s Pride Starts Now

Pride in the Streets
Pride Rainbows and Sunshine

Pride starts now. The Divas asked me what my plans were this weekend and after naming off no less than twenty different events I realized I needed to narrow my activities down a bit. I have learned one of the keys to a successful pride is not to over do it. So not including a few private house parties, here are the main events I plan to attend this weekend.


  1.  Because I had so much fun at last pride’s White Party I made this the first stop on Friday night. This year’s party is hosted by one of Seattle’s top Drag Queens, Atasha Manilla. Headlining the party is Club Queen Dev and DJ Von Kiss.
  2. The next stop of the night is The Melrose Market where I’m letting loose all night long at RA- Pride Edition, hosted by Verotica Prudmoore. If this is like any of her past events it’s gonna be one of the hottest, sexiest parties all weekend. This Saharan themed party is sure to be full of scantily dressed boys and girls shaking errthing their mamas gave them to the beats of DJ Nina Flowers till 5 in the morning.


  1. Brunch!
  2. After I recharge with some eggs benny and a mimosa or two I’ll have the strength to hit up the Capitol Hill Pride Festival. Local business old and new extend themselves onto the streets and sidewalks with giveaways and fantabulous street shows. Over the years, I’ve seen acrobats, drag queens, sexy dog contests. Get on over to Broadway Saturday afternoon and see the antics for yourself.
  3. After a brief afternoon disco-nap it’s off to the Purr Block Party. Purr’s owner Barbie has carved out a delicious piece of the pride pie and created this incredible block party tradition we love coming back to year after year.
  4. This next has me beside gitty with excitement. Those who know me are aware that the Divas I worship most are Whitney, J-Hud, and Deborah Cox. Sadly Whitney has gone on to glory, and let’s face it Jennifer has not had a hit in a while (still love her though). But Ms. Cox has added Seattle to her pride tour and she’s slaying it at Neighbours Saturday night. I will be in the front row worshiping and dancing all night. And for you youngins that don’t know who she is, don’t even google it, just get your ass to Neighbours and come to school.


  1. Brunch
  2.  Parade Time! Riding floats, adorned in intricate costumes and body paint every LGBTQ and allied group under the rainbow march in full force showing off their pride. This is the main event of celebrations for sharing our message of love, peace, acceptance, and glitter to the world. As an added bonus for the second year in a row, Team Diva team member Donnatella Howe is co-hosting the parade with the lovely Cherry Sur Bete.
  3. Pridefest at the Seattle Center may be where the parade ends but it’s where the celebration carries on. Me, I’ll be safely in the beer garden most of the day, but there is also food, entertainment, and all sorts of fun, family friendly activities. Word of advice; if you are a prude close your eyes as you walk past the fountain, but then again if you are a prude this is probably not the celebration for you.
  4. The last stop for me this weekend like every pride weekend is The Cuff Complex Steet Party. Always loads of fun and debauchery and friend reunions. This year our favorite Weather Girl, Martha Wash is back performing her hit gay anthem It’s Raining Men. She and several other musical guests will be working hard to make sure we have the pride celebration of our lives. So be ready to dance all nigh long.

Tip to survive The Cuff on Sunday~ Arrive on a full stomach, drink, laugh, drink, dance, drink, flex/pose for the camera, pee, and repeat until 2am.

I look forward to celebrating Pride with all of you this year and I want to continue to do so every year. So please be safe and mindful in your celebrations. Uber, Lyft, and the Light Rail are available to take us all home. Our community has come a long way, but as we were so recently made aware we still have a long road to travel and we need all of you here for the fight.


Rocky Flowers

Rocky Flowers

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