Pride Month: Love in all its Divaland Queer Glory

Pride Month: Love in all its Divaland Queer Glory

Pride month for many is about rainbow gear, RuPaul girls, and booze. In Divaland, Pride month is about re-connect with your framily , sharing memories, and making new ones. And more importantly, Divaland likes to celebrate Pride month in all its Queer glory with our Diva Dwellers and make a statement about our world.

Pride month for Divaland means so much more than just a good time to party (not that there is anything wrong with that!) It is about celebrating our humanity and our queer magic. It is about doing and being yourself. Love is love. And in Divaland, we celebrate that love year round. During Pride month we get super fancy on how we display that love.

Pride Month is More Than a Rainbow Flag

For Divaland, Pride month is our time to celebrate our queer gloriousness. Part of being gloriously human is to be able to celebrate your honest self and the ones you love. For the Divas, it means being able to be with together as two Super Alpha Femme Bisexual Top Cyst Woman. For others, it means something different and that is what makes Divaland amazing.

Below are Diva Dwellers celebrating themselves during Pride month and throughout the year in all of their fabulousness. Click through the photos and relish all of the hugging, kissing, and awesomeness that is Divaland.

Divaland Celebrates Pride Oh So Gloriously


What Does Celebrating PRIDE month Mean for Divaland?

Pride in many ways has been co-opted by commercialism and often leaves out the real personal politics of being LGBTQ. For many of us in Divaland PRIDE month means more than a rainbow flag and a parade. 

Celebrating PRIDE  month means being a human in a loving polyamorous coupling with a one, two or more lover on the side.

Celebrating PRIDE is being part of a family with same-sex parents and adopted, birthed, or combined children from previous relationships.

Celebrating PRIDE  is having top surgery in order to be more aligned with your human they/them/their self.

Celebrating PRIDE means embracing your fabulous trans man husband and reveling in knowing  you got him and someone else didn’t.

Celebrating PRIDE  means being in a bear hot tub and loving the fact that our bodies are awesome in all their hairy goodness.

Celebrating PRIDmonth means putting on your best leather and getting spanked (or more) in public.

Celebrating PRIDE means finding a Christian community that celebrates you for being you – so that guy with the mean sign can go eff himself. There is no shame in your game.

Celebrating PRIDE month also means you are perfectly ok being an atheist and not believing in hell or heaven  – so that guy with the mean sign can go eff himself. And there is no shame in your game.

Celebrating PRIDmonth means getting paid as a local Drag Queen for your art.

Celebrating PRIDE means celebrating being a proud black gay man in a world where you are often harassed, oppressed and/or discriminated against for being both.

Celebrating PRIDE  means remembering the feeling when we found out marriage was now equal throughout the United States regardless of sexual orientation and gender.

Celebrating PRIDE month means fighting for your right to keep your job after you get married to your lover. Cause in some states it is still legal to fire someone if they are LGBTQ. 

Celebrating PRIDE month means that maybe it’s your time to “play” without your primary partner.

Celebrating PRIDE month means helping our “framily” as they come out to their family.

Celebrating PRIDE means being HIV+ and taking care of yourself.

Celebrating PRIDE means not being afraid to know your status.

Celebrating PRIDE means helping people find out their status.

Celebrating PRIDE month means honoring yourself by walking away from an abusive relationships and taking pride in yourself as a human.

Celebrating PRIDE month means helping trans homeless kids find a safe space to spend the night/ live.

Celebrating PRIDE means you may be in straight relationship now but you both have been in LGBTQ relationships before meeting each other.

Celebrating PRIDE month means taking your party game to the max on Pride weekend and calling in sick on Monday.

Celebrating PRIDE month means getting together with your friends for a scrumptious sober Pride brunch.

Celebrating PRIDE means being gloriously single because the confines of a heteronormative coupling seem so old fashion.

There are so many ways to celebrate PRIDE. But if you need a few hints on cool things to do check out our Pride Month Guide below. 

Team Diva’s List of Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

Divaland Pride Guide 2018: Your Comprehensive Seattle Pride Event Calendar

Our Pride Guide is pretty epic this year. Seattle is an embarrassment of Queer riches darling and those poor homophobes just do not know how to have a good time. Check out the big list. Or if you want something more intimate check out DonnaTella Howe’s (aka the Diva Desk Dude) Pride Guide below.

Seattle Pride 2018: Doing It DonnaTella Howe Style

Celebrating PRIDE Month Also Means Getting Active

For some, celebrating Pride month means giving the middle finger to those who “think” they are LGBTQ supportive but also think it is ok to support businesses that discriminate against the Divas and their Queer Diva Dwellers because how we choose to live and love does not fit in with their “morality.”

So over it!

The Divas feel they have a responsibility to our LGBTQ community and to our Diva Dwellers. Not only are a good portion of our clients LGBTQ but our straight clients are also deeply committed to human rights. Our rights are at risks across the country, in some states and small towns, that do not celebrate and cherish the human in us all.

Go out there and advocate for yourself and for your community this Pride month.

Love you! Love your humaness! Happy Pride month!


Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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