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Just Listed Just Sold | Vintage Capitol Hill Home
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What is this you say we “Just Listed and Just Sold our fab Vintage Capitol Hill Home at the Wilana”. Why yes – it is all about the #DivaDifference. We sold this home Vintage Capitol Hill Home at the Wilana  for 16% over asking! Why, you ask? Fix what’s broke, make it beautiful, and market the heck out of the home.
First off this Vintage Capitol Hill Home is in the Wilana Co-Op building. Co-op buildings, in general, are tougher to sell for a couple of reasons. The critical component is that they do not allow rentals AND there is really only one lender in the city who loans on a co-op. To top it off studios on Capitol Hill do not sell for a ton of money. Team Diva blew the top off the co-op myth when we sold our vintage Capitol Hill home at the Wilana. We knew that we need to market the home as the last affordable home on Capitol Hill (which it was). And we needed to go after the first time home buyer who wants to live, work and play on Capitol Hill. Everything in our marketing plan was targeted at an owner occupied first time home buyer who wanted a stylish Vintage Capitol Hill Home.

—-The Results—–

This home had just over 40 showings.

The Diva Team had over 30 groups each at the open houses on Saturday and Sunday

Five offers and ONE big lucky winner!

Sold for $232,500 (16% over asking)
Let’s talk about the work we completed on this Vintage Capitol Hill Home at the Wilana?
Our Diva Dwellers did an amazing job getting this Vintage Capitol Hill Home prepped for sale. They went through and repaired and/or replaced anything that was broken. In addition, they spruced up the floors, cleaned the heck out of the built cabinets, and just plain made this home super sexy. From there we brought in the stagers who did an amazing job. Who would not want to live in this Vintage Capitol Hill Home after they decorated it?
And let’s talk about marketing on this Vintage Capitol Hill Home at the Wilana?
  • It’s own listing on the Diva Website
  • It’s own blog post on the Diva Blog where we talked in detail about the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Who can forget the video?

Is it time for you to get the #DivaDifference on your adorable home? Are you ready for the challenge?


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