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Just Listed Just Sold | Gorgeous Greenwood Condo

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Just Listed Just Sold | Gorgeous Greenwood Condo

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Selling a Condo in Greenwood
What is this you say we “Just Listed and Just Sold our fab Gorgeous Greenwood Condo”. Why yes – it is all about the #DivaDifference. We sold this home for 16% over asking! Why, you ask? Fix what’s broke, make it beautiful, and market the heck out of the home.
First we need to vent a big. Why the hell are real estate professionals going cheap on photos for Northend condos? Earn your 3% and pay the $250 for a professional photographer. Vent over!
Going into the process all of the comparable condos had the worst marketing. It was like no one was even trying. It also made pricing the condo extremely difficult. The best we could figure out was that the home was worth anywhere between $195-205K. But I knew our marketing strategy would command a higher price so we went with the $205,000 starting price.
As everyone knows the Diva Difference includes professional photography, an awesome video, lots of social media, and whatever else it takes to sell a home. We do all of this regardless the price of our homes. Why? all about the #DivaDifference.
Guess what? Our Gorgeous Greenwood condo ended up the…..
Highest Selling one bedroom condo in Greenwood all year!

Couple of key reasons this baby went way higher than the city average:

  • No Rental Cap in the Building
  • Cork Floors / No Carpet
  • Building in Good Shape
  • Seller Made the Home Market Ready

—-The Results—–

This home had just over 35 showings.

Diva Dude Rocky had over 10 groups each at the open houses on Saturday and Sunday

NINE offers and ONE big lucky winner!

Sold for $238,000 (16% over asking) 

Let’s talk about the work completed on the Gorgeous Greenwood Condo?
Our client is a super creative person and spent a lot of time thinking through the details of the home. She installed tile around the fireplace. And installed the cork floors all on her own. Diva Chavi and Diva Dude Roy did a little old school staging to add the final touches. The result —- stunning for a cute Diva Dwelling Condo in Greenwood!
And let’s talk about marketing on this townhouse/Condo/house?
  • It’s own listing on the Diva Website
  • It’s own blog post on the Diva Blog where we talked in detail about the surrounding neighborhood.
  • A bunch of good social media juice.
  • Who can forget the video? Our seller was awesome being the star of her own Diva Dwelling Video.

Is it time for you to get the #DivaDifference on your adorable home? Are you ready for the challenge?


Alyssa Christensen

Alyssa Christensen

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