Diva Fall Tips: Fireplace Check-Up

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Winter is coming! Time to turn up the heat or get some wood for that fireplace! Fireplaces can be a great way to heat your home and they also make for a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Of course, its probably been quite a few months since you’ve used your fireplace, so you’ll want to make sure you give it a good check up before you really get it a blazin’.

The best plan of action is to hire a chimney sweep, you know, like Burt from ‘Mary Poppins‘ , just without the singing and dancing (unless you find a singing dancing chimney sweep – then please send me his number!) A chimney sweep will be able to check out your fireplace from the roof and the inside of your home. After almost a year of sitting without use, you’ll want to make sure that there are no critters (living or dead) in the chimney, any debris or damage that will hinder the use of your fireplace and that the creosote is cleaned out. This not only keeps your fireplace working but keeps it safe!

Creosote is a highly combustable material that builds up as you burn fires in your fireplace. It can also cause your fireplace to smell and accounts for many house fires annually.

While you’re getting your fireplace cleaned and checked it’s a good idea to make sure that your damper/louver is working properly. What is that, you ask? Its the metal flapper that you open when your fireplace is lit to allow the smoke and soot to escape. However if it does not close or is not working properly it will allow cold air to rush in creating a heating problem for your home when you don’t have a fire lit. The chimney sweep should be able to check your damper while looking for any other possible damage or issues. Replacing one isn’t the cheapest but its worth it in the long run and there are some DIY options you can do in the mean time.

If all is well with your fireplace, make sure you have the proper tools to care for and clean up after your fires and stock up on wood and kindling! Enjoy some winter treats like s’mores or sipping rum while you keep warm in front of a roaring fire with your loved ones.

That’s our Diva Fall Tip on giving your fireplace a check-up. If you need more advanced help with your fireplace or some advice – don’t hesitate to contact the Divas. We may not be fireplace experts but we know folks who are and will happily pass on their information!

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