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A New Year brings Hot New Listings! We “Just Listed and Just Sold” this stylish Judkins Park Townhouse. How did we do it? Well, it’s all about the #DivaDifference. We sold this home for 17% over asking because our seller trusted our strategy and stayed the course. You know our motto: Fix what’s broken, make it beautiful, and market the heck out of the home.

This Judkins Park Gem was our lovely client Radha’s first home. She bought it when she first moved to Seattle a few years ago. While it was hard to say goodbye to her special abode, a new career and marrying her sweetheart shifted her life out of the area. She called The Divas and we discussed a strategy to bring this home on the market.

Sold for $675,000 (17% over asking)

Radha came to us in early winter but we all decided she would get the most bang for her buck by listing in January. Fortunately, Radha was smart and took good care of her home during her ownership. A little paint, new carpet, and some light gardening


all that was needed to make her place Divarrific and ready for market. The fabulous staging brought us all the way home.

The Results

The home had over 50 showings through the key-box alone.

Diva Dude Rocky Flowers and Nikki Benson of Caliber Home Loans co-hosted the Saturday open house and had over 45 groups through. Remington held the fort down on Sunday and showed this splendid home to about 40- 50 groups.

16 offers and ONE big lucky winner!

Sold for $675,000 (17% over asking)


Now let’s talk about marketing on this Judkins Gem?

A featured listing on the Diva Website

316 25th Ave S #B Seattle, WA 98144

Its own blog post about Judkins Park living on the Diva Blog

Take a Jaunt to Judkins Park This Weekend

Amazing email marketing to our Diva Sphere – Thank you, Emma.

And as always a specialized Team Diva Video, this one featuring The Diva Dudes.

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