Gals Doing Business Like a Diva: The Adventure Store

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The Adventure School has been around Seattle for awhile. They are the go to gals for events, marketing, brand development and happenings for some of our favorite organizations. Specifically, anyone who went to Velocity Dance Center’s Greatest Move on Earth remembers the event in this magical surreal way. The executive director of Velocity said they made it possible for her to just glow and celebrate Velocity’s amazing transformation. The video from the greatest Move on Earth event inspired us to totally rethink how we connect with our folks and launch Diva TV. That’s the impact The Adventure School has on the community.

Snow Leopard for Sale at The Adventure Store

The Adventure School has stepped out and decided to open The Adventure Store. Consider it your urban supplies for that perfect adventure. Everything from handmade arrows for spearing your lover to the Macy Necklace made with resin on a leather thread. Simply said – Fabulous Divaness. Currently, I’m coveting the Snow Leopard. It creeps me out and makes me want to hang it in my house for my guests to gaze upon it during dinner.

How can find out more about The Adventure Store?
Find them online at The Adventure Store or The Adventure School

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