Why Top Producers NEED To Go To Coldwell Banker Gen Blue Conference

Why Top Producers NEED To Go To Coldwell Banker Gen Blue Conference


Memories of Coldwell Banker’s GenBlue Conference 2013 and 2014

Why Top Producers NEED To Go To Coldwell Banker’s Gen Blue ConferenceHere is the deal. Majority of agents in their fifth year of real estate have learned what it takes to be successful. Let’s call of these agents “Top For the Time Being” (TFTB).  The TFTB agents are sacrificing any free time to make sure their clients are the first into a house in a hot market. They are doing market analysis’s during dinner at their friends’ house. They are glued to their smart phones to make sure they are the first to respond to an online lead. They can read off real estate data in their sleep. Let’s be honest they are successful but have lost any resemblance to a normal life. 

I am this this agent right now!

Thankfully my friends are great and remind me that I need a life as well. But what is someone like myself to do when you need to recharge? How do I regroup? How do I go go back out there and finish the year strong?

Typically what happens to the TFTB folks is they make it to the top for a year or two, than burnout takes over, and their business starts to decline. It is extremely difficult to maintain an all in real estate lifestyle. So how to you make it to the stop and transition your business into a more sustainable real estate lifestyle? How do you make sure you overcome the burnout stage and keep prospering?

TEam Diva (2)
You NEED to Go to Coldwell Banker Gen Blue Conference

  1. Learn How to Win Every Listing – Team Diva went to Sean Carpenter’s “In It Before You Win It” listing presentation. We came back to Seattle and reworked every level of our listing process. We became listing machine’s this last spring season. Why? We went to Sean’s class!
  2. Learn How to Maintain a Productive Mindset – Mindset is the key to real estate success. Top agents are some of the nicest people out there. They show up ready for what the day has to offer. They know how to get themselves into a Productive Mindset. Jason Pantana (from Coldwell Banker’s Home Office) wrote an amazing blog about this exact item for top producers recently. It just struck a cord with me about why I am going to Coldwell Banker Gen Blue!
  3. Share Best Practices With Agents From Around the Nation – One of the best things about Coldwell Banker Gen Blue conference is connecting with other agents and brokers from around the nation. At last year’s event Kim and I had a power morning walk with Steve and Heather Ostrom. Steve and Heather AND the Divas are married couples who are also co-workers/co-owners/co-team leaders/co-effing everything! It is a unique opportunity and it comes with its own issues. That morning walk we were able to just have a heart to heart with each other about what is going on in our lives and how we can excel to the next level. 
  4. Know You Have a Great Brand Behind You – COLDWELL BANKER – Everyone knows that Kim and I are not your traditional corporate type of gals. We have a very unique brand in an urban market. Guess what? The folks back at the Home Office TOTALLY support you as an agent developing a unique brand within a bigger brand. It is all about homes rocks. Our national brand is also very supportive of increasing diversity amongst their ranks. They have taken that perspective and have become the number one sponsor of the National Gay and Lesbian Association of Real Estate Professional‘s conference happening in October. 
  5. Learn How the Googles Work – Meaning you do not have to “Pay” for leads if you take the time to learn how you can attract high quality clients online. Roy and Rocky went to the Google presentation last year. They came back and understood why our approach of creating original content is so critical to make sure we are setup for a longterm sustainable business.

Need More Reasons? 

Be a baller. Give the middle finger to the typical five year agent burnout slump (TFTB). Go to Coldwell Banker Gen Blue Conference. Come home to finish off the year like a champion!

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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