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Sister District Project

Sister District Project is a Big Part of our Divaland Takes a Stand in 2020

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Sister District Project is a Big Part of our Divaland Takes a Stand in 2020

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Divaland is supporting and volunteering for the Sister District Project to turn out the vote and win winnable districts. Support Sister District Project!

The Sister District Project was a discovery our good friends and Diva Dwellers Bria and Michael told us about. They had been volunteering for the Sister District Project. And in the Virginia election of 2019, this amazing organization turn Virginia blue. This is huge! And it gives us hope for a brighter future.

Here is the deal Divaland. We are up against a massive takeover of our Democracy by those who will do anything possible to cement their power. The only way to win back the white house is to work diligently on winnable local elections. Specifically local legislatures. I hate to break it to you but winning the White House is an uphill battle. Winning state legislatures and redrawing the electoral maps from the 2020 census is a winnable strategy for future Presidential elections. And this is where the Sister District Project has a huge role to play.

The Sister District Project Was an Effective Change Maker in 2019

Sister District Wins in 2019
Sister District Wins in 2019

Sister District Project worked hard through the 2019 elections to make in-roads into Red States, where voter suppression and gerrymandering have been getting worst in recent years. That hard work paid off. With over half of their supported candidates winning contentious and competitive races. Some of the seats that were won were long held by conservatives. Not only that, many of their supported candidates were women. And just under two-thirds of the Project’s total fundraising went to their races.

Sister District 2019 Wins
Sister District 2019 Wins

In Virginia, they supported 22 races to flip both houses of the state legislature blue for the first time in 25 years. This included Representatives Hala Ayala and Alex Askew, and Senators Ghazala Hashmi and John Bell.

As a result of the volunteer hours, postcards written, texts sent, and money donated this organization made change happen. And continues to organize for a better and more representative government.

Targeting 10 Strategic State Legislatures in 2020

The Sister District Project is targeting the 10 most strategic state legislatures to end gerrymandering, drive critical presidential turnout, and build progressive power in 2020.

These ten states fit one of our three criteria of blue flips, blue holds, and blue inroads:

  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Arizona
  • Wisconsin
  • Georgia
  • Florida

The Sister District Project has a strategy towards states that matter the most for the top of the ticket: important US Senate and Congressional races, and the biggest chance of flipping the Electoral College towards the Democratic presidential nominee.

By winning state legislatures, Democrats can build a powerful line of defense against the dangerous federal legislation coming down around everything from reproductive rights to voting rights, healthcare to gun control.

Want to do something about Trans rights? Win at the state level! Want to do something about gun safety issues? Win at the state level! Want to do something about reproductive rights? Win at the state level!

Tell Me More About this Organization?

The Sister District works to turn states blue by winning state legislative elections. We “sister” volunteers from deep blue districts with carefully targeted races in swing districts, where flipping control of the state legislature will help end partisan gerrymandering. Sister district volunteers canvass, phonebank, write postcards, text bank, and fundraise for candidates.

Since launching in the wake of the 2016 elections, the Sister District Project has amassed over 45,000 volunteers across the country. Sister District volunteers have raised over $1.65 million in small-dollar donations directly to candidates, and reached out to over 1.5 million voters via phones, doors, postcards, and texts.

Divas Take a Stand – 2020 Election

Here is the deal Divaland. You can be a bystander to the 2020 election or you can actually do something that will have a real impact. The Divas will be working overtime starting September 3rd to make sure we turn out to vote in large numbers. We are asking people to give money to Fair Fight and volunteer for the Sister District Project. Sign Up at the Sister District Project Today


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