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Kim took time out to discuss the pros and cons of buying a new home versus an existing home with the folks from Scoresense.

Our very own Top Producer Seattle REALTOR Kim V. Colaprete was quoted in a recently in a blog by Scorsense about the difference of buying a new home versus an existing home in Seattle. Scorsense is a nice little online tool that helps you track your credit score and prep you for the process of buying a home. Specifically, it is a great complimentary tool after you have read the blog for Getting Approved for a Mortgage Like a Smart Diva Dweller.

Pros and Cons: New Home vs. Existing Home From a Seattle REALTOR Kim V. Colaprete

Seattle New Construction Home

Seattle New Construction Home in Maple Leaf

In the blog Seattle REALTOR Kim, discusses the pros and cons of buying a new home versus an existing home. A lot of people struggle with which path to take. On one hand a new home is new and fancy. And on the other hand, most new construction is occurring way outside of the city of Seattle limits. What is a smart Seattle Home Buyer to do?

Excerpt from the Scorsence Blog Below….


The Pros
In a 2014 Trulia survey, the main reason people cited for wanting to buy a new home was for the up-to-date features, including bigger closets, an open floor plan and a kitchen island.

The remaining reasons cited in the survey included (in descending order of popularity):

    • Being able to customize the home prior to construction.
    • Not spending as much money on maintenance and repairs.
    • Living in a home that meets modern construction standards.
    • Being the first person to live in that home.
    • Living in a newly developed neighborhood near other new homes.

Kim V. Colaprete, a managing broker at the Seattle, Washington-based real estate company Team Diva Partners LLC, says that another benefit of building a new home is that you can have it certified as energy efficient.

“The biggest advantage to buying a new home is the energy-efficiency aspect,” she says. “In general, new homes are highly energy-efficient and easier to maintain than older homes, even those that are updated or remodeled.”

The Cons
There are, however, many significant disadvantages to buying new.

“The disadvantage of buying a new home is often price,” Colaprete says. “High quality, unique new homes are expensive to build, especially if they are built green and in the city.” While cookie-cutter new home developments might be more in your price range, the coolest, most customizable homes will be quite expensive.

Thank you Scorsense for seeing Seattle REALTOR Kim as a leader in the real estate industry and taking time to quote our very own amazing Diva.

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Buying New Construction in Seattle

Buying New Construction in Seattle

Buying new construction in Seattle is a home option that many in the city prefer to take. There is nothing like buying something brand spanking new and that goes for homes too. Specifically, if you really love that modern new construction home look. That new house smell that comes with new construction is magical. Fresh paint, brand new appliances, and fancy finishes that just make your heart happy. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of something shiny and new. Before you decide to go the new construction route here are a few things you should understand about the process. More from the blog below...

Buying New Construction in Seattle


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