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Ballard Locks in Northwest Seattle in late summer

Why Has Ballard Remained a Seller’s Market? 

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Why Has Ballard Remained a Seller’s Market? 

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Why is Ballard in a seller’s market? The bottom line is that Ballard is popular and there is limited inventory in the neighborhood. Ballard is a favorite Seattle neighborhood with Diva Dwellers for several reasons, including the fact that it’s easy to get around in part thanks to the many transit options. Locals also love the schools, the farmers market, and the arts and culture of the neighborhood. What I personally love about Ballard is that it has a strong sense of community, with active neighborhood associations, local events, and a rich history.

Start Here: Check Out Lindsy’s Video Tour of This Ballard Home 

In this video, Lindsy Russell-Mitchell with Team Diva at Coldwell Banker Bain takes you on a tour of her new listing in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. 

More Details About the Home in the Video 

  • MLS: 2226610
  • Address: 815 NW 50th St, Seattle WA 98107
  • Neighborhood: Ballard
  • Price: $825,000
  • More Information >

Why Has Ballard Remained a Seller’s Market? 

Ballard is relatively flat compared to other neighborhoods in Seattle. Hence it makes it one of the best neighborhoods to meander, bike, and transport yourself in something that is not polluting the environment to coffee shops, restaurants, the farmers market and so much more. In addition, the schools are some of the best schools in the city. This combination of accessibility and schools means that this neighborhood stays hot cha cha.

What Is So Different About Ballard? 

While most of Seattle is in a steady market and edging into more of a buyer’s market, that’s not the case in Ballard. In Ballard, it’s actually a sellers’ market right now. I believe its popularity is a combination of a variety of things: 

  • Easy to get around: Ballard has great accessibility to downtown, SLU, and the University of Washington. Plus it’s a biker’s paradise! 
  • Schools people love: The public schools in Ballard have great reputations. 
  • Farmers market: There’s a year-round farmers market with tons of vendors with fresh produce, seafood, and more. 
  • Arts and cultural scene: You’ll find lots of art happenings (including the Art Walk and an artist cooperative, for starters), the National Nordic Museum, and more 
  • Diversity of homes: In Ballard, you can buy homes such as condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. This includes Craftsman-style bungalows, classic cottages, modern townhouses, and even some newly constructed luxury homes.

How Much Do Homes Cost in Ballard? 

  • Condos: On average, condos in Ballard cost around $650k.
  • Townhomes: On average, townhomes in Ballard cost around $900k.
  • Single-Family Homes: On average, single-family homes in Ballard cost roughly $1,050,000.

What Type of Townhome Can I Buy in Ballard? 

My latest listing is this townhouse listed for $825k, which is super affordable for Ballard. This townhouse also stands out in a sea of new construction! You know what sets it apart from surrounding listings? Well, at over 1600 square feet, it’s huge! There’s more bathrooms than bedrooms so everyone gets their own bathroom + an extra one for guests. And it has a real garage, not your typical tiny townhouse garage that barely fits a car. This one is a 1.5-car garage to fit the SUV and whatever else you’d like to store in there! Plus, our seller did all necessary prep work like painting the interior, and adding new carpet and light fixtures, because you know the Divas don’t do boob lights!

What Type of Amenities Are in Ballard? 

Ballard Blossom in the heart of Ballard in Seattle

In terms of amenities near this townhouse, we are close to various breweries such as Fair Isle and Lucky Envelope. It’s also just blocks away from the Burke Gilman trail, Woodland Park Zoo, Phinney Ridge, and all things Fremont. With plenty of transit options as well, you can easily get to almost anywhere in the city! Enjoy fresh produce and seafood thanks to the year-round markets and nearby Fisherman’s terminal. And the neighborhood’s proximity to the water and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest makes it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. So if you’re wondering why Ballard is in a seller’s market, amenities is one big reason!

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What Transit Options Are in Ballard? 

Ballard is the most bike-friendly neighborhood in Seattle. There are great bike lanes, it is relatively flat, and it is super easy to live most of your life without a car in Ballard. Many of our bike-loving families choose Ballard as their favorite spot. Ballard has a bike score of 94. We had one family who bought a home in Ballard because it had a space for the spouse to work on his 10 bikes.

Rapid Ride and Other Transit Options in Ballard

Metro Transit RapidRide D Line
Metro Transit RapidRide D Line

There are some great transit options in Ballard that allow you to have a car-free commute. The RapidRide D line is the fastest way to go from Ballard, to Queen Anne, and Downtown. There are also other bus routes to get you to the University of Washington, Bellevue, and Northgate.

Thank You for Learning More About Why Ballard is in a Seller’s Market

Ballard is one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods, and now you know exactly why! Lindsy’s listing here in Ballard is a townhome that has 1,600+ square feet of space, a 1.5-car garage, and tons of updates to give it that fresh feel! 

Want to see this home in all of its glory? 

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