Roy’s Favorite Seattle Coffee Shops

Roy’s Favorite Seattle Coffee Shops

Coffee, we all love it. Some call it passion, some call it addiction. At the moment I’m drinking iced tea, because I’ve already had too much coffee today.

Coffee is great but what is also important is a good coffee shop. Yes, there are big show pieces like the Starbucks Roastery. You should take your out-of-town friends by there. It’s an experience. My day-to-day ritual changes based on what I’m up to work-wise. These five coffee shops are my go-to places for different reasons.

Porchlight (Capitol Hill)

If you’re near Pike/Pine or 15th up on Capitol Hill, you have way too many good choices. My all time favorite coffee shop is Porchlight. Zach is the best! He pours Herkimer coffee and always has a bunch of well curated artwork on the walls.

If you need a little retail therapy while grabbing a drink, check out his collection of vinyl for purchase in the back. I usually like to grab something new for the Diva HQ soundtrack. He also caries a line of t-shirts, mugs, and record slip mats designed by him. I like to stop in here when I’m between meetings. The crew behind the counter is always uplifting, and I usually run into a friend.

Caffè Fiorè (Queen Anne)

If you find yourself on Queen Anne, check out the Caffè Fiorè on Galer Street. It has a cozy vibe for getting work done or chillin’ outside. They also have plenty of setting. This is a neighborhood place, so plan to be friendly and have a chat. I like to stop in here when I’m doing some research for a blog or having a slow morning. (Yeah, right.)

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Cherry St Public House (Pioneer Square)

Pioneer Square has some really great spots. Zeitgeist, Cafe Umbria and Elm Coffee Roasters are all close to my heart, but you should really go check out the new Cherry St Public House. This is my new favorite place to write offers and marketing materials. The space is beautiful.

Drip City (Belltown)

If you hit up the Sculpture Park and need a warm up, go check out Drip City on 1st Ave in Belltown. These guys are very kind. There is plenty of space to hunker down on a rainy day. I’m not usually a big fan of public couches, but I really like coming here to read a book. If you’re over coffee, grab a beer. 🙂

Herkimer (Westlake)

This last place saved me from mediocre coffee at my old job. Now it’s my go-to when I’m rolling down the Dexter Canyon to or from SLU. The Herkimer on Dexter is a great drop-in stop. They have a little bit of seating up in the loft if you plan to hang out for a while. They also have gigabit wifi, which is great for uploading photos or videos. The music is always on point and the crew is always cheery. You won’t be disappointed by your experience here, unless you have to wait in line.

That’s all for now. What is your favorite coffee shop? I’m always looking for more great places in Seattle. Let me know and we can meet up for a cup.

If you like this kind of thing, keep an eye out for my list of favorite Iced Coffee spots. As soon as the sun comes out IT’S ON!

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