Team Diva’s Top Seattle Pot Shops

With so many pot shops to pick from in Seattle, it can be daunting, especially if you aren’t a connoisseur. You have shops advertising ultra-lux experiences. And then you have dispensaries that look sketchy from the outside, but may be great on the inside. Here are five top choices for your next weed-buying excursion. North […]

Get Up, Get High: Team Diva’s Top Cafes and Pot Shops

Life in the Emerald City got a little greener in recent years, thanks to marijuana legalization! Despite threats from the other Washington, the local weed biz is booming. Both local weed-lovers and “green tourism” have contributed to the growth. This has meant a lot of new tax revenue, half of which goes to supporting Medicaid. […]

Roy’s Favorite Seattle Coffee Shops

Coffee is great but what is also important is a good coffee shop. Yes, there are big show pieces like the Starbucks Roastery. You should take your out-of-town friends by there. It’s an experience. My day-to-day ritual changes based on what I’m up to work-wise. These five coffee shops are my go-to places for different […]