Podcast Roundup: Diva Kim Talks on The Snapshot and The Real Estate Sessions

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Team Diva Founder Kim Colaprete was on two real estate podcasts last month: The Snapshot and The Real Estate Sessions. This allowed her to go deep on two subjects central to Team Diva: Branding and Community.

Kim on Branding With The Snapshot

The Snapshot podcast is devoted to digital marketing techniques for real estate professionals. We at Team Diva love coming up with fun, unique content to share with all of you in Divaland. It allows us to nerd out about our passions, show Seattle some love, and inform our audiences. It allows us to stay close to our community and help keep everyone excited and engaged in what is happening in our city and the region. Politically, culturally, and socially.

The added bonus is that new and potential clients get to experience our passion, sense of humor and style right away. Which brings us to the first query Kim is given on The Snapshot: Why she doesn’t need to be the agent for everyone.

There’s an old saying: A friend to everyone is a friend to no one. It’s true in business, too, especially in a field as personal as real estate. We work so hard for our clients at every step. We want to feel like it’s more than just a transaction. We’re helping a new friend, whether it’s a home buyer finding a new community or a seller protecting their biggest investment. Get the full story on the podcast.

Kim on Team Diva’s Founding and Style on The Real Estate Sessions

Kim gets much more into the nitty-gritty of operations at Team Diva on The Real Estate Sessions podcast. The design of the website, the size of the team and how it all started, the importance of Inman events. It’s great stuff for those who are in real estate or thinking of entering the industry. All of it helps explain the big question that TRES asked: How and why has Team Diva built a loyal community?

The short answer is, of course…we love it and so we are going to do it no matter what business we’re in! We’re so glad that real estate gives us opportunities to do it every single day. If you want to hear the specifics, get them on the podcast.


PS: Want more specifics about how the Diva’s help our clients succeed in any market? Check out The Diva Difference.

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