Meet New Diva Team Member Dorcas E. Bean

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Meet New Diva Team Member Dorcas Bean

Mehr Bier,Bitte!


Kim and I have known about Dorcas via a multitude of people throughout the years but had never really met until 2015. We first heard Dorcas’ name through our friend Noel. Noel and Dorcas were working together at Freeman. Then we started seeing Dorcas’ real estate cards in our Diva Dwellings. But it was not until Cindy and Caro’s closing cocktail night that we finally met Dorcas in person. Dorcas was working at Nordstrom and was a showing broker during the weekends for a different company. This Spring we saw that Dorcas was in a life transition and we were in need of a detailed person to head up our listing management.

Dorcas Bean the Real Estate Queen – Diva Kim

Dorcas came on board at Team Diva in April. Dorcas’ ability to go with the flow, wicked sense of humor, and ability to get things done were a perfect fit for Divaland. Not to mention in the short time she has been with our team she has already closed her first buyers and closed on her own home with her fiance Shawna. Not bad for ten weeks in Divaland. Not bad for a brand new Diva Team member.

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Do you know Dorcas? Well make sure you tell your friends, neighbors, lovers, best gays, pet walkers, and anyone else to have Dorcas be your go to gal at Team Diva for buying and/or selling your Diva Dwelling. She has been through Diva Finishing school and knows how to work it like a Diva. In her comfy shoes of course!

Welcome to the team Dorcas, you people person, with your positive attitude, jumping feet first into Divaland and our quirks, and you still seem to want to come back for more. We expect great things from our new team member. We are super excited to bring her on full time as another one of our amazing licensed real estate brokers. Yippy!