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 Seattle Divas Loves Community Power Works for Earth Day

The Divas recently met the very charming Brandon from Community Power Works and learned some amazing factoids about the amazing program he works for here in Seattle. Community Power Works is a city of Seattle program. It is a one stop shop for Seattlites to learn about how to save energy in your home and improve the environment. First off the city of Seattle has money to help us all be a little more energy efficient that they have to spend. Like real hard core cash to spend on YOU to get your house in better energy efficiency standing. What? Yes!!!

Community Power Works is a program setup by the city of Seattle that will subsidize an energy audit of your home and help you get incentives to do the recommended work. The idea behind the program is that by sealing up areas in your home that heat escapes saves the environment, saves you money, saves the strain on the energy grid and more importantly helps you to improve your homes value. below is a quick run down of information from Community Power Works about their programs.

In April 2010, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced that Seattle would be one of 25 communities to receive funding from the Better Buildings program. Two months later, the City of Seattle signed a grant contract with the DOE and began program development of Community Power Works (CPW).

By June 2013, CPW will leverage a $20 million federal investment into more than $100 million of energy upgrades across six building sectors: single-family, multifamily, small business, large commercial, hospital, and municipal buildings.

To catalyze energy upgrades and the energy efficiency economy, CPW will:

  • Help building owners and homeowners understand how to save energy in their properties and take advantage of all services offered by CPW;
  • Offer rebates and financing to help owners and tenants invest in energy efficiency upgrades; and
  • Build an energy efficiency workforce by facilitating worker training, job placement, fair hiring and wage standards for all workers under CPW.

Team Diva has seen an increase interest by our new Diva Dwellers for homes that have made energy improvements over homes with granite counter tops. We know that brand new green built construction typically sells for about 4% more than their standard built counterparts. Team Diva has no doubt we are going to see these value increases  in older homes that have made green energy a priority!

More information about Community Power works >

Learn more during our Twitter chat between @SeattleDivas and @CPWforHome #GreenDiva on Saturday, April 21st at 10:00 AM / Seattle Time!

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