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Get the Eff Out and Vote Divaland

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Get the Eff Out and Vote Divaland

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Seriously you need to go out and vote in a big way this year. Why? Because a lot is at stake here in Washington state. Mass transit, campaign finance, reasonable gun ownership, and so much more!

Yesterday, we stopped and grabbed a shot of espresso to deal with the lack of sleep from this election. The barista admired my Hillary swag. She also asked us if someone can vote by texting. My heart stopped for a second.


This is for everyone out there who has not mailed in their ballot yet. Or maybe you lost your ballot. Or maybe you moved and didn’t receive your ballot. Here is the 411 on getting your vote to count TODAY!

Ground Rules

You cannot TEXT or vote online. You have to be a registered voter in Washington state and you need to turn in a ballot. Below are the many ways you can turn in that precious ballot.

Voting Can Be Fun

Look at all of these amazing people voting at Chez Diva this last Saturday.

You Can Mail Your Ballot

Put a first-class stamp on your ballot and mail it. Your ballot must be postmarked by election day. Meaning you cannot drop it off at the post office or in your mailbox if the mail person has already arrived. What if I don’t have a stamp? The post office will still mail your ballot to the election office and charge King county for the postage.

You Can Drop Off Your Ballot at a Ballot Drop Box

Return your ballot to a ballot drop box. Your ballot must be returned to a ballot drop box by 8pm TODAY!!! Here is the list of ballot drop boxes in King county.

Diva, I Lost My Ballot!

You can print your ballot here. What if I don’t have a printer? Your Public Libraries have printers. You do not have an excuse to not vote. You can do this!

What If I Have Special Needs and Need Help Voting?

King County accessible voting centers (AVCs) are open to voters who may have difficulty completing their mail ballot. Anyone who would like to vote at an AVC may do so.

Why Do I Need to Vote?

Here is a refresher why your vote is so important. Cause there is a radical group of people out there in the world that thinks that the goodness that is Divaland makes their lives seem less special (you know that Queer and culturally diverse part). Check out our guide below and here on how we are voting on the issues and why they are important to us.

Divaland Votes the Entire Ballot

Thanks But I Still Have Questions

Here is the contact information for King county election office.

E-mail: elections@kingcounty.gov

Main phone: 206-296-VOTE (8683), services available in 120 languages
Fax: 206-296-0108
TTY Relay: 711
Toll free: 800-325-6165 (for use outside the 206 area code)

Mailing address:
King County Elections
919 SW Grady Way, Suite 100
Renton, WA 98057


Hope this helps you to get out and effing vote!

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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