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Election 2020: 60 Days Of Action For #DivalandVotes

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Election 2020: 60 Days Of Action For #DivalandVotes

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We know that you in Divaland are aware of what is at stake in the presidential election 2020. We are not despairing. We are taking action.

There will be no end to dirty tricks in election 2020 by the Trump campaign, but we can fight back. We have to. We may not see truly free elections for another generation if we don’t.

But what exactly can we do? Plenty.

We’ve launched our 60 Days Of Action campaign, offering ideas for protecting our democracy, even with small actions every day. Check out the full list below, and start filling on your calendar. From writing postcards, to checking in with friends, to hosting voting parties, there is so much you can accomplish between now and Election Day, November 3.

60 Days Of Action For Election 2020

Week 1: Getting Organized

Election 2020 Register to Vote

1: Verify That You Are Registered to Vote

2: Sign Up For Your Mail Ballot

3: Verify Where/If You Can Vote Early

4: Make a Voting Plan

5: Research The Items on Your Ballot

6: Talk To Your Family About Voting

7: Download Vote With Me App

Depending on where you live, your options for voting in election 2020 may vary. Voting early is especially important this year, and DOUBLY ESPECIALLY if you vote by mail. (The Trump cronies really are pulling out all the stops to suppress your voice. Don’t let them.)

The VoteWithMe app is free and helps you see which friends need your reminder to vote, based on public records. Finish your first week of action by downloading that and getting familiar with it.

Week 2: Signing Up And Writing

Election 2020 Send Voter Postcards

8: Sign Up With Sister District

9: Donate to a Candidate You Care About

10: Send a Postcards to Five Friends About Voting

11: Adopt a State via Vote Save America

12: Write Postcards for Sister District

13: Sign Up With Swing Left

14: Talk to a Friend About Voting

There are so many great, progressive orgs doing outreach for election 2020. Some are focused on swaying voters, while others are just trying to ensure people can and do vote. Some of our favorites are Sister District, Vote Save America and Swing Left. Get involved and commit to writing postcards on behalf of these groups.

Week 3: More Outreach And Donations

Election 2020 Donate to Opportunity PAC

15: Post to Social Media About Why You Are Supporting a Specific Candidate

16: Donate to Opportunity PAC

17: Text Five Friends About Voting

18: Volunteer With A Local Campaign

19: Sign Up with Movement Voter Project

20: Donate to Black PAC

21: Write 10 Postcards For Sister District

This week is all keeping up momentum with the advocacy you’ve initiated, and helping others do the same. Opportunity PAC and Black PAC are two organizations working to promote progressive and minority candidates. Undoing the damage that Trump has done will require fierce, diverse representation. Election 2020 is just the start, but it’s a critical time, too.

Week 4: Showing Up, Telling Your Story

Election 2020 social media

22: Post Your Activism to Social Media

23: Put Up Signs For Your Favorite Candidate(s)

24: Text Five Friends About Voting

25: Post to Social Media Why This Election is Important to You

26: Sign Up for Postcards to Voters

27: Send Your First Five Postcards to Voters

28: Use the Vote With Me App to Text Five People About Voting

Social media is a quagmire, and many companies are doing very little to stop right0-wing extremism from festering there. We still have to use this tool, so use it for good. Get on there and tell your story, and get others excited to participate and vote, too.

Next, sign up for Postcards to Voters to send friendly, handwritten remindersto targeted voters. The goal is to give Democratic candidates a winning edge in close, key races of election 2020, coast to coast.

Week 5: Seeing To Others (And Yourself)

Election 2020 Vote Early

29: Talk to the Young People In Your Life About Voting

30: Find Out if There Are Seniors In Your Community Who Need Help Getting to the Polls

31: Rest Day – Halfway Point Until the Election

32: Find Out if Early Voting Has Started in Your State

33: Early Vote if It Is An Option

34: Ask Your Friends To Early Vote

35: Donate to Your Favorite Candidates

Poll after poll shows a majority of young voters are fed up with conservative politics, and Trump in particular. Talk to them and make sure they are making their voice heard. And for our senior progressives, mobility can be an issue, so see if they need help getting to the polls.

Take a little break for yourself, and then figure out if you can vote early If you can, do it, and then remind friends to do the same.

Week 6: Staying Social

Election 2020 Host a Virtual Voting Party

36: Volunteer to Help Get People to the Polls to Early Vote

37: Confirm Your Polling Station if You Cannot Vote Early

38: Talk to Your Friends and Family About Voting

39: Post to Social Media Why You Are Voting In This Election

40: Finish Up All of Voter Postcards and Mail Them

41: Talk to Your Neighbors About Voting

42: Host a Virtual Voting Party

With so much impersonal communication happening around current events, the personal touch is really important. Keep using social media and other channels to talk with your larger community about the election. Keep them inspired, and maybe even host a virtual (or socially distanced) voting party to ensure they stay engaged. Finish up those postcards, because people everywhere will need encouragement, especially where there are contentious races.

Week 7: Time To Vote (By Mail)

Election 2020 Mail Your Ballot

43: Prep Your Ballot

44: Buy Stamps for Your Mail-In Ballot

45: Confirm Your Ballot Was Filled Out Correctly

46: Mail-In Your Ballot if You are Doing Vote by Mail

47: Call/Text For Your Favorite Candidates

48: Host A Virtual (Or Outdoor) “Get Out The Vote” Party

49: Send a Follow-Up Note to Your Party Attendees

The GOP really will stoop to any low it can to suppress voters, especially during election 2020 and their monstrously fatal pandemic response. If you can vote by mail, do it ASAP, because they’ve publicly attacked the postal service itself. Dot your I’s and cross you T’s, throw a Get-Out-The-Vote shindig, and keep following up. We’re closing in on the big day…

Week 8: The Home Stretch

Election 2020 Make An Election Day Plan

50: Make an Election Day Plan

51: Post to Social Media a Post Showing Your Voting Plan

52: Check To Confirm Your Mail-In Ballot Was Received

53: One Week To ELECTION DAY – Write Down The Activities You Will Be Doing This Week and Get to Work

54: Talk to Your Friends About Voting

55: Talk to Your Family About Voting

56: Call/Text For Your Favorite Candidates

Make plans and share them with others. Keep talking and reaching out.

Week 9: The Last Four Days

Election 2020 Rally

57: Go and Rally For Your Favorite Candidates

58: Post to Social Media the Activism You Completed Over the Last Few Weeks

59: Use the Vote With Me App and Text 50 People About Voting Tomorrow

60: ELECTION DAY: If you couldn’t vote early, GO VOTE. If you did vote early, help other voters get to the polls and protect voters at the polls.

This is it: The General Election 2020. No matter what happens, the fight will continue. But at the very least, you will know you have done your personal best to vote and preserve that right for others. Let’s do this, Divaland!

Team Diva

Team Diva

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