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Divas Take America: Living Fancy and Free With Sylvia O’Stayformore

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Divas Take America: Living Fancy and Free With Sylvia O’Stayformore

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For long-time Diva Dwellers and fans, Sylvia O’Stayformore needs no introduction. As hostess of the hysterical drag cabaret Bacon Strip, co-founder of Drag to the Rescue, and gal about town, Sylvia is always winning hearts with sass and charm. She’s also the co-hostess of Divas Take America, our big upcoming drag carnival to support Washington’s Paramount Duty and Seattle Indivisible.

In advance of the big party, we are asking the queens some patriotic ice-breakers. Who does Sylvia want in the White House? And regarding unnaturally orange things, what does she think of spray cheese? Find out below.

1. This event benefits those fighting for equitable education funding in Washington state. What is your favorite memory from your schoolyard days?
Probably marching band! I loved being a part of a big glittering loud, choreographed and synchronized group of people. It was also a very close distance to the jocks in their tight uniforms.

2. What were your favorite jams in high school?

Howard Jones was my #1 favorite. Eurhythmics, OMD, Tears for Fears were also up there.

3. Describe your signature look…to someone who can’t see.

Softly sweet with undertones of bacon and ranch.

4. What’s the most patriotic thing that you’ve ever done?

The National Anthem for the Rat City Roller derby.

5. Some people say government is too big, but if you could create a new department, what would it manage and who would head it?

A Department made for the auditing moneys used for bad (wars, the drug war, jails, taxing the poor), and shifting it to good social programs, art and education.

6. Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz are on a sinking ship and you can only save one. What kind of cocktail do you make to go with your popcorn?

Tab and 7, please and thank you.

7. What are your ideal hotdog/veggie dog toppings?

I’d say catsup, Colby cheese shredded, and bacon bits with a side of bugles and spray cheese. (see #6)

8. Who would you want as your running mate if you ran for POTUS? And who would you want as your hubby if you were running for First Lady?

I would never want that job. First man? And Wonder Woman for president, because now she speaks all different languages and no longer needs the invisible jet to fly.

9. Have you ever known someone injured by fireworks?

Not a fireworks fan now that I have Furbabies. We end up hiding out with them until it’s all over. I have not known anyone injured by them but I have been pretty stupid around some fireworks before and probably was at risk of getting injured.

10. What is the last gift you gave someone?

The gift of a Bacon Strip T- shirt. The gift of a place for some friends to stay. The gift of helping a friend go through a difficult time by being there to listen.

11. What was your scariest/funniest hospital experience?

Still looking forward to that.

Check out Sylvia O’Stayformore at Divas Take America, July 16, our drag carnival to fund the resistance at the Centilia Cultural Center. Get tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets

Team Diva

Team Diva

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