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Divas Announce | Chic Central Area Bungalow

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Divas Announce | Chic Central Area Bungalow

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Divas Announce | Chic Central Area Bungalow

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Here Are The Top Five Reasons You Need to Run to this Chic Central Area Bungalow:

Reason 1: The Style – Who doesn’t love walking into a home and getting an immediate sense of style. From the distinctive color choices to the detailed tile work to the period light fixtures – this home tells a story. One any buyer would want to know. The beautiful original 1920’s accents mixed with a period and modern flair will speak to anyone looking for the best in quintessential Seattle bungalows. No worrying about what you need to do once you move in, just revel in the stunning design and plan where you’ll put your furniture!

Reason 2: The Kitchen – That period design with modern flair is in full swing in this classic kitchen! The slyly hidden refrigerator and dishwasher give this kitchen a clean look and feel. The vintage Magic Chef stove is beyond functional and fun for creating an awesome meal. And check out that cutie cozy dining nook – perfect for an intimate dinner, for the kids to do their homework or for you to work from home in the spring sunshine.

Reason 3: The Swanky Bathroom – Spending time in this bathroom is like waking up in NYC hotel. The high design yet funky wallpaper, the simple addition of vintage style Health tile and the heated floor makes waking up at 6am a joy. If I was a guest in this home I may never want to leave…

Reason 4: The Sexy Media Room – This may not be the only home on the market with a media room but I’m pretty sure it is the coolest media room this side of I-5! The bold carpet colors and deco light fixtures just say, “sleek and sexy.” Host a “rat pack era” cocktail party, have your pals over for a “Game of Thrones” TV night or enjoy game night with the family, either way – this room offers a killer space for a fun evening.

Reason 5: The Hood – The Central District is one of the oldest and most diverse hoods in Seattle’s rich network of neighborhoods. The combination of a tight-knit community and burgeoning new businesses offer much to explore. You’re not far from Capitol Hill or Madrona and everything is very walk and bikeable. Whether its green spaces, nightlife, daytime adventures or just quiet residential Seattle living, all of this, awaits you in the central area.


The Critical Nuggets About This Home:

Now let’s check out some pretty photos of this Chic Central Area Bungalow:

Classic kitchen design with modern flair.
Modern appliances slyly hidden by classic style.
Colorful, spacious bedrooms continuing the vibrant style.
Media room all ready for cocktails, a movie or gaming.
Gorgeous wallpaper and tile add to the charm of this home.


Kim Colaprete

Kim Colaprete

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